Whoops! Homebuilders Down 3.4%, AMZN Down 2.3%

Markets like this are when the ugliest warts tend to glow bright red


4 thoughts on “Whoops! Homebuilders Down 3.4%, AMZN Down 2.3%

  1. “We’re all going to get laid!” One of my favorite movie quotes especially when in the movie they replay that clip in the court room because it’s evidence and the judge realizes that the person from the video saying that is the shotty attorney lol. For some reason I felt it was appropriate right now.
    Hey Dave,
    What do you think of Ripple XRP? Obviously if we get ‘The Road’ or ‘Mad Max’ scenario they will be completely worthless. However, I don’t think we will get to that point. I have hope in humanity. Things can get really bad and disturbingly ugly out there but that’s what revolutions are for! To set things back on the right course! And history is ripe with examples of that…. but then again there’s also plenty of other examples in history of complete collapse.
    I strongly feel that Ripple Labs and there technology has the potential to revolutionize the currency markets and also make Western Union and their exorbitant fees obsolete. They also are a big threat to the banking industry as a whole. They have been slowly and methodically making steps to legitimize RippleTrade into a legal and viable alternative to our current banking system. Their system makes the current system of funds transfers look archaic! You can instantly send money in any currency anywhere around the globe in a split second for just a fraction of a penny in cost. Same goes for currency trading. I have bought into XRP with just a few hundred dollars because of the very speculative nature of it.
    For example, lets say you are living in the USA but are from Bolivia or Armenia or any obscure country where there isn’t huge demand for their specific currency and have family back home that you need to send money to and you want to send them money in their local currency and lets say it’s an emergency and they need the money ASAP. You log into your ripple account and trade your dollars or bitcoins…. whatever currency your holding in your Ripple account for the Bolivia Dinar or whatever there money is called. But there may not be many market makers for those specific smaller currencies that don’t have much demand from abroad. So you simply trade your dollars bitcoins Euros etc….. for XRP using Ripple’s XRP digital currency as a bridge currency. And you do this for practically no cost at all cutting out the currency exchangers that have huge spreads. Then you simply send your newly purchased XRP to your family’s ripple wallet instantly for free and they can immediately exchange the XRP (Ripple’s digital currency) for whatever the local currency is back in their native country. Simple quick… practically instantaneous and free. No money changers.. No banks… No wire transfers.
    I wasn’t sure how familiar with Ripple Trade you are Dave so I kind of gave it a rough explanation but also so others here that follow you can understand the basic concept of Ripple and XRP as a bridge currency. So there will always be demand for XRP as a bridge currency. The system automatically looks for the quickest route for the currency trade and fairly often it’s by using XRP as the bridge between other currencies. I see this gaining popularity more in 2nd and 3rd world countries first but the tech savvy people here in the US are already using it. And some stores are soon going to start accepting payments in XRP.
    Would love to hear your opinion on this system and on XRP as an investment other then the obvious concerns of needing the internet and electrical grid to stay functioning for this to work. But I envision five years down the road everyone and their mothers will have a ripple wallet. You should set one up if you haven’t already and have that as an option for payment for your research pieces. It will save you money because you won’t have any of the fees that paypal charges! And you can immediately convert your payments received in XRP right back to fiat US Dollars to pay bills…. keep the lights on and the website running or buy more precious metals.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this. Your a forward looking out of the box type thinker so I thought this would be right up your ally. I remember JB Slear actually had an option to make website donations for his blog straight to his ripple wallet with XRP.
    My only concern is that it is not anonymous anymore. They made all account holders verify identity to comply with the governments new laws regarding digital currency. But they are going that route. They want to be a legitimate viable alternative to the established banking system.

  2. For those not familiar with Ripple Trade and XRP here is the website. It’s a really cool concept! And possibly the investment of the century. Or the next Bitcoin but with practical real world applications.
    I have no affiliation with them whatsoever.
    Dave I hope this is okay that I shared this here on your blog. I don’t want to be like that other guy who is always talking out of his ass and trying to sound smart by saying a lot of technical mumbo jumbo but not actually saying anything lol I think he goes by the screen name of ‘The Rooster’ I could be mistaken though. Maybe it’s ‘Yin and Yang’ Dave for some reason you really attract the crazies here but also a lot of like minded intelligent folks as well who think for themselves and don’t let the main stream media think for them….. sly lil bastards. They do it in a way that makes you think you came to the opinion on your own but in reality it was just some crafty genius way of shaping perception. I see why you moderate every post. But I do agree with the other poster who said we would get much more lively discussions and debate here if you opened up the comments section to post freely at will without waiting for them to be approved. I have noticed that since your work started being published over on SilverDoctors and ocassionally at TFMR your comments section has really started to fill up becoming alive and kicking.
    Please don’t tell me to go start my own blog! Ha! I like your blog and your analytic/critical thinking skills. Skills they don’t teach us in school anymore. I’m a fairly young guy and even in the short time I’ve been out of the public school system I’ve seen it go down hill much further since I attended high school. I just skipped my 10 year reunion last year. And right now I’m busy dealing with a pregnant girlfriend who is extra hormonal. Translated that means she’s extra needy… extra emotional…. and extra horney…. what can I say…. she just can’t get enough of this! lol. Thanks again Dave! your Awesome! Oh by the way I’ve always really liked the work you do with Paul Craig Roberts. Always good stuff.

  3. Dave! Sorry to hog the comments section but I’m up early and bored and feel like sharing info with ya and everyone else here who follows this blog.
    I’ve been playing a couple of the home builders that were pointed out to me when I purchased your research reports via put options. I Won’t say any names or ticker symbols but Damn!!!! Mother Fcker!!!!!!! I had some puts that expired this past Friday September 18th. I bought 40 dollar strike puts and 44 dollar strike puts. I Bought the 40 dollar strikes to early. My timing was off but that crazy mini market crash in August saved my ass on the 40 dollar puts even though we never hit the 40 dollar level or below. Just the huge market volatility and the spiking of the VIX and the share price getting ‘close enough’ to my strike price made it possible for me to make a Triple on the 40 dollar strikes. I had a feeling that It wouldn’t reach 40 a share or go low enough to squeeze out anymore then what the bid/ask was already at so I desperately tried to sell all of my 40 dollar strikes for a few days and finally got them all sold at $1.35 a piece. I paid around 40 cents a piece I think. I started with a limit of 2 dollars and kept working my limit down lower and lower and finally just left it at $1.35. Was very happy to wake up one morning and see a bunch of fresh cash/profit in my account and not owning those puts anymore that ended up expiring worthless. My 44 dollar puts were sitting pretty. I made the mistake of not taking profits and running away. I sold only ONE contract for 300 dollars and held onto the rest thinking I could sell them for much more. What pissed me off is that price continued to slowly rise right up to expiration day taking them out of the money and making them expire worthless just for the stock to start dropping like a rock right after expiration. WTF? Bad luck I guess. I jumped back in yesterday morning with some 39 dollar strike puts. I had to wait for money I transferred over to settle and missed a few dollars of the move down. That was frustrating to watch.
    For those of you who haven’t bought Dave’s home builder research reports I strongly recommend doing so! They are very thorough and very well put together. He lays it out making a very strong case where it becomes obvious that these companies are doomed to fail or at the very least are EXTREMELY over valued. If you want to see where they will end up just pull up a 5 year chart of any home builder and see where the stock price was sitting a few years back. But some actually are well run companies and won’t get hit nearly as hard as others so you have to check out his reports to see which ones you will make a killing off of!
    Dave I still see half developed lots and neighborhoods in my area of Washington State. South King County and North Pierce County that have been sitting since the last housing bubble burst back in 2008. Untouched since.
    A few years after the bust I worked with a bank that ended up with some of these half finished neighborhoods that had houses all throughout the neighborhood at various stages of production. We actually went through and finished them. Got them all dialed in….. pulled out all the weeds and blackberry bushes that had grown over the empty lots so the banks could sell and recover some of their losses on the loans. The builders just went bust running out of money when the steady stream of credit froze up and walked away from the job leaving all the houses unfinished. Some almost complete some just framed up. That was I think back in 2010 or 2011 and to this day those empty lots that we cleared the overgrowth out of so it didn’t look like a ghost town still sit empty (The blackberry and other overgrowth is back by the way) along with other huge projects with hundreds of lots sitting empty. Especially in Pierce County Washington State. Every time I make the drive out there to my buddies house for our salmon fishing trips I drive past lot after lot. Huge swaths of land with a road winding through all the empty lots. Septic lines and electrical lines are laid down for each plot of land but that’s it. They haven’t been touched since sometime around 2008. Those weren’t national builders. They were smaller local builders that didn’t have the resources to weather the storm and were already up to their eyeballs in debt kind of like the companies in your research reports. Alright…. that’s enough typing for me. I hope some found this at least interesting and maybe useful information. Take care all!
    Once again…. Dave…. Sorry to hog the comments section again. I promise I’m not like ‘The Rooster’ or whatever that jerk-off calls himself haha

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