Why Did Obama Bend Over For The Criminal Big Banks?

My good friend and colleague, John Titus, was hosted on the Keiser Report to discuss his film, All The Plenary’s Men, in which Titus documents the process by which the Obama Government enabled the Too Big To Fail Banks to commit crimes in the United States with total impugnity, “which makes them more legally powerful than the Government:”

3 thoughts on “Why Did Obama Bend Over For The Criminal Big Banks?

  1. The banksters are not more powerful than the government. They are the government. They are the masters on the plantation, the politicians are their lap dogs (house slaves) and everyone else is essentially an expendable piece of garbage.

  2. The criminal banks are an American tragedy. Like everything
    else in this country that has become tyranny and fascist control.
    Dave, you like me want free market capitalism not this current
    brand of fascist capitalism. If you really want to get pissed off
    read the attached article and see just how far this bullshit is
    being spread on the population.


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