Why Is The Obama Government Starting A War With Russia?

Because history tells us that is what Government’s do when their country is collapsing economically, politically and socially.

Please take the time to read this incredibly informative and insightful article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War.

Keep in mind that Russia and China are working methodically to eradicate use of the U.S. dollar from all of their foreign trade activities.  When rats are trapped in a corner and face death, they will attack their foe.  The U.S. Government is a trapped rat…

4 thoughts on “Why Is The Obama Government Starting A War With Russia?

  1. Regarding Paul Craig Robert’s article, I would have to say that in this instance he is probably wrong. I believe that it would have been a mistake by Russia to walk into the Ukraine and probably led to tough sanctions which would have damaged their economy and long term relations with Europe. The Russians have been prepared to play the waiting game. The Ukrainian economy is not far from collapse and the Ukrainian Government has just fallen with the Prime Minister resigning. From what “V” the Guerrilla Econmist andJim Willie are saying, Germany is seriously considering joining up with the BRICS as it sees its future as being eastward. With Germany leaving Europe followed closely by France the European Union and NATO will collapse.

    1. No. In working with PCR on several articles, I know he gets his facts straight before he puts anything into print.
      The propaganda flying around this country is similar to the propaganda the Nazi Government was spewing out in Germany.

      The bottom line is this: Ukraine was working before the U.S. went in there and created chaos for the purposes of installing a puppet Govt and putting in a U.S. NATO military base.

      Russia is doing the right thing to protect its own country by denying the U.S. from doing this.

      The U.S. has provoked this entire catastrophe and Putin has done a good job so far trying to “turn the other cheek.”

  2. I think yourself and the doc are right. Israel and Palestine not good either especially when the Islamic States/country’s are fasting for Ramadan. Ramadan should be over next week I think we will see a lot more action then. There’s a cease fire at the moment only a matter of time before Israel or Palestine gets stabbed in the back!!!!

  3. The US is drawing up a bill for war with Russia. That says it all folks! In Australia the propaganda being pushed against Russia has been relentless, from day 1 of the Malaysian Plane going down, and we have just received another 2 x F35’s, with 52 more to come. Adolf Obama’s ego is at stake, debt, is unsustainable, NSA and the five eyes are continuing to expand programs, even in Australia, spying on civilians, is in the very process of being pushed through Parliment!
    There will be war, unless Russia and others can collapse the dollar before it all gets momentum. Time to prepare!

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