Will Americans Let Crime Pay? “Helen Keller Syndrome”

Everyday more evidence piles up against Hillary Clinton for illegal use of a personal Blackberry, personal computers and a computer server in her basement in Rye, NY to conduct official U.S. Government State Department business.  Business that should have been conducted using only super-secured State Department cellphones, computers and servers.

But of course, the director of the fbi, James Comey – long-time Clinton ally and a board Untitledmember of Hillary’s personal slush fund the Clinton Foundation, has given Hillary a get out of jail free card on that.

And now it’s revealed that Hillary and her gang at the DNC violated all kinds of laws and Democratic Party principles in order to rig the primaries.   Of course, Hillary has decided to deflect the truth by blaming the Russians for sabotaging her campaign by exposing the truth.   Of course that’s nonsense but does it really matter who exposes a crime as long as it’s exposed?  Isn’t the idea to impose Rule Of Law and justice on those who break the law?

It just gets worse for Hillary by hour.  Of course, slavish Hillary supporters all of a sudden have “Helen Keller Syndrome” when they are confronted with the facts and the truth.

But wait, it gets better:

The leaked emails have cost Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as Chair of the DNC but other top DNC officials captured in devious plots against Sanders in the email exchanges still have their jobs – or at least no official firings have been announced. This makes the conspiracies seem more like a DNC business model…In addition to conjuring up ways to smear Clinton challenger Bernie Sanders during the primary battles, the leaked emails show a coordinated effort to cover up what the Sanders camp called “money laundering” between the Hillary Victory Fund and the DNC.

Hillary supporters need not bother reading this revealing article from Wall Street Parade, but for anyone interested in just the facts, this is a must-read piece:   Hillary Victory Fund Money Laundering

I guess if it’s not Isis then it must be the Russians, right?  At some point that shrew will start turning on Americans.

Make no mistake, I am not a Trump supporter.  I think he’s a human jock-strap.  In fact, I will continue my 24-year streak of not voting.   Most Trump supporters are supporting Trump because they hate Hillary and vice versa. The problem is, we know Trump is a jerk-off. But Hillary supporters – even the ones supporting her because they’d never vote Republican no matter what – refuse to recognize or for some reason can’t see the facts about her.   But she’s got a list full of crimes that makes Charles Manson look like a choir boy.

7 thoughts on “Will Americans Let Crime Pay? “Helen Keller Syndrome”

  1. Things are getting desperate. There isn’t any fake blushing anymore or trying to cover up any of this shit, in their raw grab for power.

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
    Frank Zappa

  2. These third world circus antics detract from the status of a nation that purportedly leads the western world. Why should Japan, Germany, China, etc take their ques from corrupt fools and thieves? One look at the U.S. and you realize we have no moral compass, the nation has no back bone, and the idea of America has at least for now failed.

  3. Your sentiment regarding not voting is SPOT ON!!! However, methinks that this year, if Killary gets elected, you’ll scorn the day you didn’t encourage folks to vote for Trump. Trump is exactly as you project him to be, but there’s at least a chance the nukes won’t fall with him in there. And any chance is better than no chance. For the first time in many MANY decades, we should hold our noses and choose the lesser of two evils, rather than denying our consent to the system. YES, both the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird. “They differ (and bicker) only logistically. Who will get what taken from whom. They both agree (unanimously) on the taking – and the controlling.” But I absolutely believe that the system is going to collapse during this next term and you’re well aware that history tells us that as it happens, they take us to war. I absolutely believe that this time it will utterly destroy all our lives, and more importantly, our children’s lives, in ways we will never forgive ourselves. If we are even around to forgive ourselves.

    1. Yes, war is probably on the agenda. But who will finance our participation in war? If TPTB print trillions of dollars for the purposes of waging war, will anyone really accept them? The US is already THE MOST indebted nation in the history of man. Who will borrow us the money? The ECB also has its debt problems, so NATO may also be challenged. And China and Russia as the probable adversaries are not likely to borrow us money to engage in war against them. So I think we can count the BRICS out.

      China and Russia will be far more difficult adversaries than anyone believes. Russia appears to have more support from its populous than the leadership in the US. Look no further than approval rates of congress and the POTUS to see that. And look at the farce of the 2016 presidential election.

      Will US citizens respond favorably to another (PNAC) style “New Pearl Harbor” after unanswered questions remain about the 9/11 terror attacks? Will the US leadership be successful in engaging the public in support for another war even as the last wars are not yet fully paid for? I have my doubts. What do you think?

  4. Killery looks like she is either dying or gravely ill. I think she
    is being propped up with meds and cosmetics. If she is elected
    and with her mental state, there is no doubt that she will be the
    trigger cunt to start WW III. So hedge your bets and be sure to enjoy
    life because tomorrow is promised to no one.

  5. The United States is in the middle of an active Islamic coup and most Americans are clueless (including you), Trump is the ONLY one talking about it.

    If you don’t vote in this election you are enabling the defeat of the USA>


    A coup d’état (/ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/ About this sound listen (help·info); French: [ku deta], literally “blow of state” or “hit of state”; plural: coups d’état, (pronounced like the singular form), also known simply as a coup (/ˌkuː/), putsch or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.[

    And this is why it won’t be stopped by our government in the USA:

    What do we know and is verifiable at this point:

    -The FBI’s purge of training material relating to Islamic terrorism while expanding ‘domestic’ definitions.

    -White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive.

    -International effort to make criticism of Islam illegal in the USA, supported by Obama and, yep – Hillary Clinton. Google it.

    -CIA Director John Brennan alleged to have converted to Islam

    -Ex Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel alleged to have converted to Islam.

    -The Islamization of American schools, Google it (too much to list here).
    “I am waging a Bloodless Revolution in America’s Public Schools…” – Shabbir Mansuri (Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education).

    Google:CIE, Textbook Publishers Promote Islam in America’s Classrooms |
    Aug 10, 2011 …

    -NASA tax funded Muslim outreach mandate.

    -US taxes rebuilding and renovating mosques AROUND THE WORLD (much of that money has been re-routed back to America? (mosque building in the USA has gone up surpassing 70% since Obama took office, wow – coincidence?

    -7 BILLION US tax dollar project to build a NEW power grid for (Muslim) Africa while the US power grid deteriorates and is vulnerable to EMP attacks.

    -6 Muslim Brotherhood ‘advisers’ in Obama Administration.

    -Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates top Gov. positions, yep, Google it

    -Muslim Brotherhood agent Andre Carson appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and now can deem his activities and information as ‘classified’.

    -Muslim Brotherhood MPAC Trains TSA to give Muslims VIP pass, Google it.

    -New York Police Department Ramps Up Recruitment Of Muslim …

    -Release from Gitmo of 5 of the most dangerous Taliban commanders.

    -Botched US attempt to trade kidnapped Benghazi ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheikh. The same operation was also used to ship US “heavy” weapons to al Qaeda, ISIS or as the name keeps changing ‘Da’ish’ . Google it.

    Still Report #952 – ISIS Training Camp in Mexico Near El Paso, Texas

    Dear Gays: The Left Betrayed You For Islam


  6. Judeo-Christian America and US sovereignty are being destroyed in a sustained, systematic undermining while a federal Islamic totalitarian police state is taking over.

    “Heard an ex CIA agent, Jim Garrow say he overheard him tell some ambassador years ago that they planned to have America Islamized by 2016.” – You can thank all democrats and all neo-con progressives (all RINOs).

    The Truth They Hide


    Still Report #952 – ISIS Training Camp in Mexico Near El Paso, Texas

    Still Report #1063 – Tim Kaine’s Terror Ties


    Move to Canada? Nope:

    Still Report #488 – Is Canada’s New PM a Radical Muslim?

    Still Report #852 – German Muslim Explains the Invasion


    Creeping Sharia: The ISLAMIZATION of the WEST

    What is happening in Euro is already being systemically imported into the USA and Canada …. THE END

    Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020

    And now in the USA:

    “Now understand clearly:
    America is his enemy and he does mean to defeat us!”

    Still Report #866 – Obama is Still Planting Seedling Muslim Towns

    Obama’s Al-Hijra: Immigration Stealth Jihad
    Al-Hijra « Refugee Resettlement Watch

    We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control


    Ex-Gitmo Islamic commanders hopping on UPS flights to the USA?

    What is happening in the USA is an Islamic infiltration and seizure of authority at all US federal agencies. Most Americans are totally oblivious to our new unfolding reality that is quietly, steadily, purposely and with increased momentum, taking control over all aspects of our country.

    When Obama said we are no longer a Christian nation, his intention is to insure it and enforce Sharia compliance and it is happening in a gradual but sustained manner (purposely without fanfare).

    The US federal government has been usurped by globalists and manufactured the chaos that is now in Europe.

    They are successfully importing it into the USA to destroy it from within.

    American citizens, along with the Russians and Chinese, are now the enemy of our own federal government.

    Refugees Being Snuck Into US On UPS Flights Under Cover of Darkness?

    Still Report #476 – Snopes Covers For UPS

    UN slams airstrike on water treatment facility in Syria’s Aleppo

    Will that create more refugees? … yep, that’s the plan. Then Putin will be blamed for the consequences.

    Evidence Shows US Helping ISIL to Survive in Iraq
    by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

    “Under the pretext of fighting the Takfiri terrorist group the US and its allies airdrop weapons and food for the ISIL terrorists”

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