Will Gold Continue Higher Despite Efforts To Keep It Capped?

“At the exact time that the one asset is supposed to defend against reckless Fed monetary policies should be going higher, it’s going the opposite way…and you’re telling me this isnt’ a  manipulated market?”

The current period reminds of 2008.  The price of gold was overtly manipulated lower ahead of the de facto collapse of the financial system. It’s highly probable the Central Banks are once again setting up the markets for another financial collapse, which is why it’s important for them to remove the dead canary from the coal mine before the worker bees see it.

Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke invited me to join him in a discussion about the large drop in the price of gold last week and why it points to official intervention in the gold market for the purpose of removing the warning signal a rising gold price transmits about the growing risk of financial and economic collapse.

You can click on the sound bar below or follow this link:  TF Metals Report to listen to our conversation.


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6 thoughts on “Will Gold Continue Higher Despite Efforts To Keep It Capped?

  1. > Will Gold Continue Higher Despite Efforts To Keep It Capped?

    No, it won’t.
    And yes, it’s manipulated.

    There, fixed it for you.

    The guys will dump billions of fake US Dollars at any given time to keep the real price of gold

    The only time when they will be powerless to stop the price of gold going higher … Will be when the dollar becomes worthless following their efforts.

    1. Giles,
      Severe prolonged shortage could also do it. God only knows when that level of physical shortage will happen.

      Since silver is essential to so many industrial processes & products & life itself [we can no longer control some antibiotic-resistant bacteria without ionic silver solutions], severe prolonged shortage of silver could do the same.

  2. Correct.

    And when it does, it will be meaningless. It will mean the world and the US have given up on the dollar.

    1. There has to be a form of currency for the public; it could be “The New Dollar”.
      The biggest question will be when Au/Ag starts to become worth a lot more dollars, Yen, Euros, Pounds, etc…how long before a financial calamity explodes on the scene. It might take a form other that complete loss of faith in the dollar. You know, the cleanest shirt in the dirty clothes hamper.

  3. The price will stay manipulated until the manipulators are jailed, or preferably hung. That should be obvious to anyone reading this.

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