Will Trump Be Different than Hillary Or Obama? SoT #125

Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the Government but illegal for the citizenry – Thomas Jefferson

The mainstream media tried it’s hardest to persuade the public that Hillary was a lock to win the election. Even the nefarious George Soros asserted confidently that Trump might win the popular election but Hillary would win the Electoral College.

But apparently the voters just weren’t ready for a tyrannical President yet. The perception of the two candidates shaped by the mainstream media led the unsuspecting – if not comatose – public to believe that Hillary Clinton was some liberal angel who would save the country from reality and that Trump is some kind of fascist monster who is going to force everyone with slightly tinted skin to leave the country.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Lost in the shuffle is the fact that the Dragon Lady, reincarnated, hid behind the veil of the tax-free status of the Clinton Foundation to steal $100’s of millions from the taxpayers and the Saudi royal family (the Huma Abedin connection, which is why she is Hillary’s “Igor”) and move it into the bank accounts of the Clinton family and friends of the Clinton family. The taxpayers got nothing in return – the Saudi family got use of the U.S. military to attack Syria.

Phony polls are just another form of insidious propaganda – it’s a tool designed to persuade the masses to go the direction of the poll and discourage the other side from voting. It worked for Hitlery and the DNC against Bernie in California. But the people woke up enough to see through the ruse in the big election.

The election results on Tuesday were not about giving Trump or the Republican Party a political and economic policy mandate. The only mandate issued on Tuesday – quite loud and clear – was this: “Someone please stop Washington DC and Wall Street from date-raping us in the bodily area where waste exits.” That was it. Obama had the same mandate in 2008 and completely betrayed his supporters.

Judging from the early indications from the Trump camp regarding Trump’s likely cabinet and advisor appointments, it’s going to be out with the old and in with the old. Currently it appears as if the new Attorney General will be Rudy Guiliani, who is a blatant Establishment hack; Larry Kudlow as an advisor, who is the worst economist in modern era; and Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan/Chase – who should be in jail – and Goldman Sachs alumnus Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. More of the same. Neocon elitists, Establishment apologists and Wall Street thieves.

The Shadow of Truth hosted special guest, Eric Dubin of The News Doctors to review and dissect what happened on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to conclude that not much will change when Obama hands the Oval Office wand to Trump:

6 thoughts on “Will Trump Be Different than Hillary Or Obama? SoT #125

  1. It remains to be seen whether Trump will “be prevailed upon” by the old guard or merely use his Office to subordinate them. Is he really the type to “play ball” for someone else’s team? Or is his ambition to assemble those whom he perceives to be big-league players so as to create a team that has no rival?

  2. I knew this when he selected Dick Cheney worshiping Pence to be his VP. Likewise with my reservations about Christie, Giuliani, Gingrich.

    Trey Gowdy for Attorney General would be a very good choice. Likewise if Andrew Napolitano could be made a Supreme Court judge.

    I would really hope for Janet Yellen to be fired & someone like Jim Grant to be made Federal Reserve chair, to begin dismantling of that criminal institution. But nothing of the sort is going to happen, after reading about the worst criminal Jamie Dimon’s name thrown into the ring.

    Like I said, I had a bad feeling about this the moment Pence was the VP choice.

  3. The election results on Tuesday were not about giving Trump or the Republican Party a political and economic policy mandate.

    That won’t stop them from claiming it did and trying to enact the same pro-plutocrat agenda they’ve been pushing for 40 years.

    We’ll see if Trump actually will stand up against them. I’m betting the answer will be “no”.

  4. What do you think?? This is some observation and opinion…

    didnt anyone notice the row of all kinds of flags (including the national flags)
    on the victory stage with those lovely unmistaken yellow fringe?

    and the golden eagel figure (wings pointing down as picture in the economist?) on top of the flag pole?

    could it be like 2018missionjustaccomplished… as voted by “The People”?
    (the show they want to put on and “The People” fully enrolled and participated?)

    be safe…

    think about it… its all about “the collapse”
    who better to do it than king of bankrupt?
    only trump has experience and guts to “close the deal”
    and tenacity (thick face) whatever it takes
    to confirm the default of USSA to the world (who already know and waiting)
    (by saying the country need to focus on itself – to minimise the humilitation)

    and you can freely imagine the natural occuring follow ups…

    purple revolution already launch????
    mind you the “revolution” in ukrain and greece and middle east etc has not been stop for years….
    and all “The People’s Possession, Personhood & Livelihood) has been turn into piles of broken pieces….
    and one too many unaccounted undocumented faceless dead body (regardless of age and gender)

    maybe the wholeshebang is about trump’s turn to save his clan…
    drain the swamp? and where does the goodie goes?

    “The People”, you are fired! (the hundred times and you have learn nothing still)

    btw when the snowflake falls to the ground, by the natural law, it must melt and vainish.


    be safe
    p/s thanks for staying faithful rory and dave, by not going “alt-truth” – which is a lie.
    Truth is truth, There is, by definition, no alternate.

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