With The Return Of QE, Mining Stocks Are Cheap

There’s a strong probability that the Fed’s “non-QE” QE operations will morph into a full-blown money printing program that will exceed the one implemented starting in late 2008. The same fundamentals variables that fueled a massive move in the the precious metals sector from late 2008 thru mid-2011 have resurfaced with a vengeance.

The pullback in gold, silver and the mining stocks that began in early September appears to have run its course. Currently the entire sector is technically and fundamentally set-up for a big run into the end of the year. The re-activation of Indian imports last week for the first time since June will give the coming bull move a powerful boost.

Bill Powers of MiningStockEducation.com invited me back onto his podcast to discuss some of the stocks that I believe will outperform the sector. These three ideas are among several that I cover in my Mining Stock Journal:


The Mining Stock Journal  covers several mining stocks that I believe are extraordinarily undervalued relative to their upside potential. I also present opportunistic recommendations on select mid-tier and large-cap miners that should outperform their peers.  You can learn more about this newsletter here:   Mining Stock Journal information.

Subscriber feedback: “I am a professor of aerospace engineering. I have studied and invested in junior mining stocks for 25 years. I have learned much about this sector. The stocks that you have recommended since starting MSJ have outperformed the other junior investment services that I follow. Perhaps one reason is that, because your service has a smaller circulation, you can find and recommend smaller companies that have not been discovered and cannot be recommended by services with huge circulations.”

4 thoughts on “With The Return Of QE, Mining Stocks Are Cheap

    1. I did a pre-10-Q release review in yesterday’s issue of the Short Seller’s Journal. Here’s what
      one subscriber emailed to me: “Your SSJ was fun to read, particularly the Tesla Part”

      1. As with the patience of Job, my very small group who think the stock market is greatly overvalued, we continue to wait for reality.

  1. As alerted, the cabal sunk the gold price below $1,500 to make Comex gold options $1,500 and above expire worthless. Nothing anyone can do about it.

    LBMA and OTC gold options expire on Thursday so they will keep the gold price suppressed through Thursday. Unlimited money creation with criminal actions is supposed to be fraud but the BIS and their CBs are a criminal enterprise with no end in sight.

    Draghi had his farewell speech today. So the ECB just went from the warlock to the witch now in control. Transylvania is alive and well. They brought out the violinists….it was so euroland morbid.

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