“You Are Right About Bloomberg”

That comment was from a long-time gold market analyst – someone who has studying and publishing on this market longer than just about anyone reading (or writing) this blog.

 “In the late 1990’s, [Bloomberg’s] Claudia Carptener (Bloomberg link),  told me she had been instructed not to follow up on any positive news for gold.”

There you have it.  As Paul Volker has said: “gold is the enemy.”  I guess anything that can be used to keep Central Banks and Governments honest would indeed be seen as “the enemy” by the people who work for those entities.

It’s too bad Ron Paul is no longer in Congress. It was must-see tv to watch him torture Greenspan and Bernanke for 5 minutes twice a year by asking them about gold.   No one is left in Congress who will try to torture Janet Yellen.  Maybe by design.  I’m not sure she’s capable of professionally fielding questions on the subject of gold from even a grade-school child.



2 thoughts on ““You Are Right About Bloomberg”

  1. Gold is not the enemy but a friend and a friend to all. Assets in circulation can only help the debt system by supplementing with debt-free liquidity so that the debt system does not implode. The “appearance” of being an enemy is likely because gold cannot be monetized quickly in fear that the debt paradigm might collapse in the “rush to judgment”. Both sides of a symbiotic yin-yang are important to the whole hybrid.
    It is the light that comes out from the dark in the order of creation …. nothing new.

  2. During the height of the crisis in 2008/09 if was forbidden for the hosts on CNBC and probably other outlets to talk bad or criticise Obama in any way. US media is a complete joke.

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