For the most part, it usually seems like the mainstream media just ignores gold and silver, and has little interest in even covering the precious metals at all.

Whether that’s due to a desire to keep people focused on the stock market, or just a lack of interest, is a fair debate. However, as Dave Kranzler points out in today’s episode of the show, on the rare occasions when they do mention gold or silver (typically to say how useless they are), it’s often been a sign that a bottom is in.

So in today’s show, Dave talks about a recent article (keyboard diarrhea) that suggested how gold has no purpose and isn’t an ‘exciting’ asset. He addresses some of the assertions put forth in the piece, and why they’re not accurate in terms of how people would be wise to view the gold market. And he also raises the proposition that seeing this type of coverage could be indicative that a bottom is in for the current cycle.


Many mining stocks are in a wide uptrend channel that began in late September 2022. The latest sell-off in the sector has taken them to the bottom of the sector. I review a larger cap producer that fits this description and that also has a fat dividend yield while we wait for the next bull move in the latest issue of my Mining Stock Journal