This is an excerpt from my latest issue of the Mining Stock Journal, released this afternoon (Thursday, September 21st):

The point here is that, even with demand from India lower than usual for this time of year (as reflected by the discounts observed in India currently), several other countries in Asia and the Middle East have increased their gold importation. I believe this is why the repetitious attempts to push the price of gold and silver lower recently in the paper derivatives markets in London and New York have been unsuccessful. Moreover, despite the common misperception that the Fed’s “hawkish” policy is bearish for gold and silver, the prices of both metals have not only been resilient buy, in my opinion, are consolidating for a big move higher in the near future.

I discuss my rational for why I believe the confluence of several factors will drive gold and silver higher despite the Fed’s allegedly “hawkish” monetary policy. I also do an in-depth review of a junior explorer with what I believe is at least 5x upside potential. My review includes a conversation the Company’s CEO.   You can learn more about the Mining Stock Journal here: MSJ information

Meanwhile, I discuss some of the factors I think will trigger a bull move in the precious sector that could rival, if not exceed, the 2008 – 2011 bull cycle in the sector: