Gold recently hit all-time highs in all of the major currencies (euro, yen, British pound, yuan). Last Friday (March 1, 2024), priced in dollars gold achieved its highest weekly close and then proceeded to hit new all-time highs. Wednesday (March 6th) gold hit a new all-time high in yuan. I think the move in gold primarily reflects the fact that inflation is picking back up because the Fed has substantially loosened liquidity which in turn has pushed the money supply higher since February. The Monetary Base, M1 and M2 continue to hover around all-time highs. The rising price of gold also reflects the fact that the U.S. banks have big problems with bad debt and the U.S. economic and financial system is becoming increasingly unstable. When the stock bubble pops it will inflict major damage on the economic and financial system.

Chris Marcus invited on to the Arcadia Economics podcast to discuss the recent breakout in the gold price and what needs to happen before the mining stocks participate in the precious metals rally:

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