Anyone who can’t see a dangerous bubble should not be managing, analyzing or trading stocks. It’s at moments like these that really show who the best investors are. Of course, there are lots of resources like eToro available for investors that will help getting through this period easier. If you’re an investor but haven’t looked into eToro yet then we recommend it’s something you do. Take a look on and see what benefits it can have for your trading ability because you’re going to need all the help you can get planning for short and long-term investments at the moment. We all know that stock trading is a risky game but if you can get through this then you’ll be in a good position on the other side. Even Hellen Keller could figure out what is going here:

It’s not easy shorting the market right now – for now – but there have been plenty of short-term opportunities to “scalp” stocks using short term puts. I cover both short term trading ideas and long term positioning ideas. You can learn more about this newsletter here: Short Seller’s Journal information.

“SSJ provides outstanding practical advice for translating a company’s bottom line fundamentals into $$’s. Whether you’re a buy and hold long term investor or short term trader (or both), you’ll find all kinds of helpful advice on portfolio management, asset allocation and short term/long term options strategies. Really can’t recommend SSJ enough! Thanks Dave for your great service!” – subscriber “John”