…One More Reason For The Establishment To Hate Him

Eric Dubin – The News Doctors

Naturally, Donald Trump likes currency, but he also likes money (bragging rights go to all those that know the difference).  It turns out that he accepted 3 kilo bars of gold as a security deposit from American Precious Metals Exchange.  APMEX is renting the 50th floor of the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street for the next ten years.  The gold has a U.S. dollar nominal value of about 120 grand.

The New American magazine broke the story.  Amusingly enough, their website was attacked this morning, and the page hosting the story had a redirect programmed into the page.  Anyone that clicked on the story was redirected to a pediatric hospital’s website based in Argentina, with an “object not found” page displayed.  Someone doesn’t want you reading this article…Read the rest of this article here:  The News Doctors