When you are not in a position to wield power and broker deals for the wealthy individuals, corporate entities and foreign Governments who stuff money into your bank account, the money flow stops.  I just stops.

The first reports about the Clintons’ pay for play piggy-bank were that the Clinton Global Initiative would be shut down.  Now it’s being reported by Investor’s Business Daily that the entire Clinton Foundation will be laid to rest.

One would think that maybe Hillary and Bill + concubines could ride off into the sunset and maybe fade from public view?   Not so fast.  It remains to be seen if the Trump Government will go after the Clintons.  And Obama paved the way for that to happen when he strolled out of the White House for the last time – after commuting more prison sentences than the 12 Presidents before him combined – without extending a “blanket” pardon to Hillary.

Now let’s see if Trump will actually listen to the voice of the people:  Americans aren’t willing to forgive and forget. Earlier this month, the IBD/TIPP Poll asked Americans whether they would like President Obama to pardon Hillary for any crimes she may have committed as secretary of state, including the illegal use of an unsecured homebrew email server. Of those queried, 57% said no. So if public sentiment is any guide, the Clintons’ problems may just be beginning. – IBD

The list of crimes and breach of ethics by both Clintons is seemingly endless.  But it was Hillary’s brash, overt corruption as Secretary of State that was over-the-top.  It was as if she was flaunting the fact that no one would challenge the legality of her behavior.

I said all along that hubris is the Achilles’ Heel of corrupt tyrants and that hubris would eventually nail Hillary.  Now it remains to be seen if Trump will follow through on his threats to go after Hillary.   My cynical side is telling to not hold my breath.  But the death fo the Clinton Foundation is, to be sure, more proof that the conspiracy theories about the Clintons is in fact “conspiracy truth.”