Note:  I exchanged emails earlier this week with Dr. Roberts.  We had a good chuckle over Jeff Bezos’ accusations per that our websites were conduits for Russian propaganda.   We also chatted about Trump and his appointments so far, to which I expressed disappointment but to which Craig responded “I am going to give him six months.”

Dr. Roberts has written a must-read commentary on Trump’s appointments.  Do not make the mistake of letting the mainstream media – or even the alternative media – influence your views.  Do not express contempt prior to your own investigation.   Too be sure, Dr. Roberts is coming from a background of experience that none of us can claim to possess:

Another limit on a president’s ability to form a government is Senate confirmation of presidential appointees. Whereas Congress is in Republican hands, Congress remains in the hands of special interests who will protect their agendas from hostile potential appointees. Therefore, although Trump does not face partisan opposition from Congress, he faces the power of special interests that fund congressional political campaigns.

When the White House announced my appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Republican Senator Bob Dole put a hold on my appointment. Why? Dole had presidential ambitions, and he saw the rising star of Republican Representative Jack Kemp as a potential obstacle. As I had written the Kemp-Roth bill that had become Reagan’s economic policy, Dole regarded me in the Treasury as a one-up for Kemp. So, you see, all sorts of motives can plague a president’s ability to form a government…

…Commentators are jumping to conclusions based on appointees past associations. Mnuchin was an early Trump supporter and chairman of Trump’s finance campaign. He has Wall Street and investment experience. He should be an easy confirmation. For a president-elect under attack this is important.

Please spend time reading the entire piece here:   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Trump’s Appointments