The U.S. Government was hijacked by Wall Street in 2008 under Obama’s watch, likely with his complicity.  The rats in his Government were highly trained, corrupt lawyers who were inserted in key positions of enforcement because their biggest clients at their law firms were all of the Too Big To Fail Wall Street banks. Titus mentions Covington &&  Burling in his podcast. CB is the real life equivalent of Lambert & Lock in “The Firm.” Only Covington & Burling is a “cleaner” for the biggest Wall Street banks rather than the Chicago mafia. But is there any difference?

This video is a must-watch for anyone wondering why this country looks so much different that it did just 40-50 years ago (for those of us who were around and aware back then). For me the best part is the clip that shows Alan Greenspan spilling the beans on the truth about the financial system and the reaction to his statements by Ben Bernanke and the show’s moderator. If you listen carefully, you’ll understand why the financial system collapse coming at us will be much worse than the 2008 great financial crisis: