Below is a guest post from my colleague, who requested anonymity.  12 years ago, a friend of mine and I both agreed that – and this was after Enron, 9/11 and Colin Powell’s self-admitted lies about Iraq which were used to justify a military overthrow of the Hussein Government – that we would eventually see things occur in this country that would blow our minds (as if those three events were relatively “non-events). I can say with complete sincerity that two things completely blow my mind now: 1) the degree to which corruption and criminality have completely enveloped our economic, financial and Governmental system and 2) the fact that a criminal – with plenty of hacked emails on display to prove certain acts of criminality – is permitted to run for President.


I am a casual observer having learned that when all you are left with is hope, it’s that moment you realize it’s over – whether it’s a game, investing, politics, etc. Unfortunately I reached that point many years ago with the state of politics and mainstream media’s (MSM) blatant biases towards…..well everything they touch. Last night’s Presidential Debate (sic) clearly reinforces my position that all we are left with is hope. Hope that things cannot get worse, hope that eventually things get better, hope that this is not simply a horrific Orwellian Nightmare, although the latter appears to be where we’ve arrived full frontal. I didn’t watch the debate looking for my opinion of the “candidates” to change as I have zero plans to vote in this election. Yes, we’ve devolved to that point in history. I watched the debate for the same reason most people would watch a NASCAR race:  waiting to see a wreck.

In attempting to summarize the spectacle from last evening, the first thought I had is “if aliens were watching from their spaceship what would they be thinking?”. My best guess is they would all look at each other and say “hmm… we have absolutely nothing to worry about but all of those poor people stuck there certainly do!”. In my no-skin-in-the-game opinion, Trump finally stepped up and won the debate. He appeared much more focused, succinct and was on the offensive – not taking the bait from Hillary that was offered time and again. HRC typically avoids answering a questions to which she has no answer.  And the moderators never hold her accountable to those questions she avoids answering.  She is never implored stay on topic unlike Trump, who frequently was subjected to overtures of debate from the moderators.

From the outside looking in, we have past the point of no return. Regardless of the endless “hope” I hear that we must go back to the way things were, the stark reality is you never go back, nope, doesn’t happen. It becomes something else. Last night’s debate is further confirmation of this. Yes, in my sophomoric opinion Trump was the clear victor. The last question of the night was the softball he should have hit out of the park but instead took the high road. The question was “can each of the candidates say one positive thing about the other candidate?”, HRC boorishly side-stepped the challenge by complementing Trump’s children.  It was a pathetic cop-out. Trump’s one positive comment about HRC was that she’s a fighter and will fight to the end. What he should have said was “so far, you have proved to be the consummate criminal because you are really good at evading the law!”

There is absolutely no hope for this nation if the people vote for that lying hag, and I am not going to be a serf of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

We all have our lines in the sand; I am not going to be a subject of that witch, her deranged husband, her puke-inducing Goldman Sachs son in law or her weak, creepy, mousey daughter, who they want to be yet another Clinton overlord of the people despite her total lack of any kind of achievement or qualification, other than being seduced by a corrupt, lying, thieving (look at his “hedge fund”) Goldman pig. His body language around The Rapist (Bill) makes me want to vomit.

Her rants tonight about the Russians and Chinese demonstrated that she is completely paranoid. She should stop running for office so she can get the emergency psychiatric treatment she requires.

PCR [Paul Craig Roberts] is 100% correct; that puppet hag and her neocon puppetmasters will, without question, provoke nuclear war. But they will all be fully protected in their multi-billion dollar bunkers, while the rest of us get incinerated.  – Stewart Dougherty