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Gold Will Soar Regardless Who’s President

We can ignore reality but we can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.   – Ayn Rand

Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of last night’s final “debate” is the suppression of the truth.  Throughout all three debtes, Hillary overtly avoided answering any direct quetions regarding her infamous emails, thankfully put on display for all to see by Wikileaks.

Last night she pivoted right to blaming it on the Russians.  Talk about conspiracy theory. It is highly improbable that the Russians hacked her illegal email accounts for the purpose of influencing the election.  But Hillary used this sound-byte to deflect away from the Truth.  All of the Truths exposed by the leaked emails which point to Hillary’s criminal activity, including collusion with the media (CNN specifically) to rig the outcome of her primary race and selling access to the State Dept and to Wall Street Banks for donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Those are just two of many acts of criminality exposed by the emails.

But in Hillary’s world, Truth is a liability which would prevent her from ascending to the Oval Office where she can peddle and steal  her way from an 8-figure net worth to a 9-figure net worth. Maybe her nickname will be “three commas.”

That said, we hope Hillary is elected because her supporters will not only end up regretting their choice, but it will adversely affect them and their families forever.

Regardless of who wins the election, gold  and silver are getting ready for another surprising move higher.   The Harry Dent  Jr’s of the world will be left grasping for excuses for why their prediction for a much lower gold price is so horribly wrong.

We discuss the tragic U.S. Presidential election and the reason why gold is getting ready to take off again in today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth:

Economic And Political Collapse Leads To WW3

As the United States slides further into economic and political collapse, its military belligerence around the globe is escalating the probability that an “accident” of some form will trigger the outbreak of World War Three.    As this three-legged monster evolves, the degree of U.S. Government propaganda is at all-time highs.

As an example, yesterday on CNN – aka the Clinton News Network, an “analyst” summarily dismissed allegations surrounding Hillary’s health problems as “sexism” and today CNN’s health “expert” asserted questions about Trump’s health.  If questioning Hillary’s health is a form of misogyny, then isn’t questioning Trump’s health a form of misandry?

On the economic front, the Governments economic reports continue to fail the test of serious analysis. For instance, its new home sales report for July was idiotic.  The Government statistical propagandists managed to take an alleged increase of 4,000 homes in the south – an assumption of which in and of itself fails the test of reality – and statistically transformed it into a 72,000 home month to month sales gain and a 144,000 year over year home gain.   Meanwhile, the number of working age Americans who leave the workforce hits new 30-year highs every month.  We can assure you that if Americans are not working, they are also not out paying record prices for new homes.

Finally, perhaps the biggest source of financial propaganda is the Government-sponsored price controls imposed on the precious metals market.  That this occurs on a daily basis is no longer even open for debate.  The price-suppression of gold is the equivalent of shutting down all weather satellites ahead of hurricane season.   It will end in a disaster eventually.

In this episode of the Shadow of Truth, we explore the rising risk of WW3 breaking out and its connection to the current U.S. political and economic climate.  In addition, we discuss why the current effort to control the price of gold will fail: