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IRD To Mitch McConnell: Exactly Who Is The Thug?

The NY Post reported that Senate Republican “leader,” Mitch McConnell called Vladimir Putin a “thug” in response to DJT’s interview on 60 minutes.   It’s hard for the U.S. Deep State to hide the U.S. military build-up in the NATO countries surrounding Russia’s borders. This includes the takeover, in effect, of Ukraine by the Obama Government.   I think we can all agree that NATO is a de facto “shell” for U.S. military operations.   With that in mind, I pulled the interesting graphic to the right, with some edits from me (click to enlarge) from an article written by an options trader who also posts commentary on Zerohedge.

The U.S. has been literally flooding the NATO countries surrounding Russia’s borders with offensive military assets.  Recently the U.S. deployed tanks and special forces personnel in Poland.  A week later, the U.S. deployed 900 marines in Norway – the first time since World War Two that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed in Norway, which is a NATO member.

So Mitch, looking at the actions the graphic above and interpreting the actions of the U.S. Department of Defense, who exactly is the “thug?”


The NWO’ers and U.S. neocons have been out since this past weekend railing against the British populace vote for self-determination.   The best thing that can happen for Democracy is for the rest of the EU member countries to line up and fall out of the EU like dominoes.

Why do Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and the other Establishment U.S. politicians hate the BREXIT decision?  Because it completely undermines the U.S.-controlled NATO, which plunders U.S. military hegemony.  It also undermines Obama’s beloved TPP Treaty, which removes Rule of Law as it applies to U.S. multinational corporations.

Here’s the attitude that Hillary Clinton supports:  “”The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.  –  Martin Schulz,  President of the EU Parliament .

If the nationalism which gripped the U.K. last Thursday spreads to this country, it might force real change in this country.  That’s something to “hope” for.  Graphic courtesy of William Banzai on Zerohedge.com:


Stand Down Merkel, Stand Down Please

said I see no joy, I see only sorrow
I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow

so stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down
I say stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down

Stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down Margaret
I say stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get the chance
Just to sing to my children in a holiday jam
Our lives seem petty in your cold gray hands
Would you give a second thought, would you ever give a damn?

BREXIT Destroys The Gold/Silver Manipulation Cartel

Just a quick note on this referendum as we are in the final minutes of the voting. My sister’s friend is in the army.  They came over for dinner tonight and he was asking about the vote and what my thoughts were. I then returned the question and he had said that 90% of the lads in his camp, which are in the hundreds, were all voting to leave. Their reasoning, in a British army camp of lads aged between 18 and 35, was because they don’t believe they should be getting webbed up in wars that we shouldn’t be fighting. He said they pretty much all can agree on the fact that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and what they say goes and its not something they support.  These were his words and I have to agree.  – A British friend of the Shadow of Truth

The elitists had a lot to lose if the BREXIT referendum succeeded.   Just like AP declared Hillary the nominee did BEFORE the Calif primary, the WSJ sent out an online article yesterday afternoon saying the REMAIN vote had won.  But this last-gasp attempt to rig the vote failed.

The elitist narrative said that BREXIT would take down the British economy.  The details of this were never explained but NWO’er, George Soros, warned as much last weekend. This was just another scare tactic used to cover up the fact that a BREXIT would undermine considerably the western elitist holy grail of a one world, one Government system.

The Ruling Body of the EU is the European Council, often described as the supreme political authority.  Its members are not elected.  It’s the fortress of totalitarian political control the western elitists have been methodically imposing on Europe, the UK and the U.S for several decades.  If anything, the BREXIT victory represents a last gasp attempt to preserve democracy and Rule Of Law.

At the root of every political upheaval is indeed are hidden economic issues.  The BREXIT should undermine the effort of the western elitists to impose the TPP Treaty, which is designed to advance the confiscation of individual self-determination.  But more significantly is the issue of gold and silver:

The day that QE2 was announced by the Fed. That day, that morning, they were just beating the living daylights out of gold. People on the site were like “oh boy, this is going to be terrible”. I said NO, this is what the banks do. They try to reset the price as low as they can before the news because they know they are trapped. – Craig Hemke, Shadow of Truth

This is exactly what has transpired over the past week leading up to the BREXIT vote. Same game, different scenario. Craig went on to say “Ahead of what they knew was going to be gold bullish regardless of the outcome.” [BREXIT vote]

Since the end of 2014, there have been several notable indicators signalling a high degree of stress between the fraudulent paper bullion market used by the Central Banks to suppress the price of gold/silver and the available supply of physical metal to deliver into the paper claims.

One such indicator that is now stretched to an extreme is the Comex, where the amount of paper silver contracts issued represents over one billion ounces of silver.  This is more than seven times the total amount of physical silver reported to be sitting in Comex vaults.  It’s 45 times more than the amount of “registered” (available to be delivered) silver on the Comex.   It’s 25% more than the annual global production of silver.

Likely, the most significant collateral damage inflicted on the NWO’ers by BREXIT is that it will destroy the ability of the western Central Banks to manipulate the price of gold and silver.   The Shadow of Truth hosted Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com to discuss this overlooked significance of the BREXIT victory (Part 1 followed by Part 2):

Part 2:

BREXIT And The Escalation Toward War With Russia

Today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update series covers the use of the BREXIT referendum as a point of deflecting the public’s attention away from much more serious issues engulfing the U.S. and the world. It’s a distraction away from the collapsing global economy, the corrupt U.S. political system and the escalation of U.S. military belligerence toward Russia and China, both of whom are working to remove the U.S. as the global reserve currency in order to flatten the global economic and financial “playing field.”

SoT – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Represents The Most Concentrated Evil

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.  – President Eisenhower, farewell speech from the White House

President Eisenhower, in his farewell speech from the White House warned the nation about the U.S. military-industrial complex.  Since that time, the United States Government has become the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization.

The United States [military policy] has destroyed seven countries.  The populations there are subject to ongoing continual violence either from the U.S. or these Jihadists or from the Islamic State.  In Libya there’s various factions, no Government – just warlords fighting and nobody’s safe anywhere so the populations are getting out.  You can’t live in that type of situation. – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Shadow of Truth

Lost in the rivers of humanity that have been streaming out of Africa and the Middle East and flooding into Europe is the fact the U.S. military is responsible for this crisis.   Not only has the U.S. destroyed several countries around the globe, the U.S. Government now appears to provoking Russia into a military conflict in both Ukraine and Syria that risks escalating into a nuclear war.  Even Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski – two notorious warhawks – have both recently stated that the U.S. Government is pushing Russia too hard.

In fact Dr. Paul Craig Roberts now believes that the only way to avoid eventual nuclear war is a break-up of the EU and NATO.  The EU countries exist politically, economically and strategically as vassal countries of the U.S.  And the United States uses NATO as a “cover” to implement is unilateral implementation of dangerously aggressive military action all over the globe.

This policy is insane and the people running the policy are insane.  The Shadow of Truth hosted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a two-part podcast which covers the current geopolitical risks facing the world as fomented by the U.S. and last week’s FOMC decision to leave zero percent interest rates in place.   Part 1 is below and Part 2 will be available shortly:

Greece Mattered To Hedge Fund Algos – Retail Sales Starting To Plunge

Dr. Paul Craig Craig Roberts called it three days ago after if become obvious – via the IMF report on Greek debt – that the U.S. had started to flex its muscles in this situation:

Victoria Nuland has already paid a visit to the Greek prime minister and explained to him that he is neither to leave the EU or cozy up to the Russians or there will be consequences, polite language for overthrow or assassination. Indeed, the Greek prime minister probably knows this without need of a visit.  – Paul Craig Roberts, LINK

The financial implications of a Greek default are obvious once you consider the off-balance-sheet OTC derivatives side of the equation.  There’s no question that the biggest exposures to this have been incurred by Deutsche Bank (see the sudden firing of the CEO) and the big U.S. banks who dominate the OTC derivatives game.

But Dr. Roberts explains why Greece is important to the U.S. effort to keep NATO together. While the IMF functions as the cover-story for the financial terrorism the U.S. inflicts on the world (please read “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins), NATO plays an even more important role for the U.S. in that it functions as a “front” for the mechanism by which the U.S. attempts to impose its military terrorism and political hegemony on the entire globe.

Meanwhile, the economic condition of the United States continues to deteriorate beneath the surface of the most reckless and wanton money printing and market intervention in the history of the world.

The latest data from Bank of America shows retail sales ex-autos are tanking, despite the absence of a polar vortex (source: Zerohedge – click to enlarge):


As you can see, there’s actually been a well-defined downtrend in retail sales ex-autos since early 2013.  And the latest data from BofA, based on credit card data, shows a curious drop in June. Note that credit card data is based on actual sales transactions, as opposed to the Census Bureau data – brown line – which is based on unreliable data estimates and mystical seasonal adjustments.

Please also note that most gasoline sales are done with credit cards.  With the price of gasoline higher in May and June, I have no doubt that the retail sales ex-auto and gasoline would likely be negative.

Several other manufacturing metrics continue to show that the real economy continues to tank.  In fact, Marketwatch of all propaganda sources has reported that the manufacturing sector is in a “technical recession” – LINK.  Moreover, the latest data in June showed real average hourly earnings had declined in May from April.  How is at all possible that the job market is “strong” if the price of labor falls?

Perhaps this is why Chicago Fed stooge, Charles Evans, was out yesterday whining for a delay in rate hikes until mid-2016 – LINK.  While Dr. Roberts predicted the resolution of the Greek “crisis” based on the “background” presence of the omnipotent United States Government, I have successfully forecast no rate hikes this year based on the omnipresence of rapidly deteriorating economic data.

The housing market is next…

U.S.-Ukraine Joint Military Drills?

What happened to the concept that the military excursion into Ukraine was a “NATO” operation?

The US is still undecided on sending lethal military aid to Ukraine. But it has sent paratroopers who are training Ukrainian soldiers in west Ukraine as part of a program called ‘Fearless Guardian-2015″LINK

We know the U.S. instigated and financed a western-controlled takeover of the Ukrainian Government.  The evidence is on phone tapes presented to the public.  So the U.S. has installed a puppet Government in Ukraine.

Then the U.S. sends troops into Ukraine under the guise of “NATO.”  Sure, NATO allies have sent some troops alongside the U.S. batallions, but most of NATO has become reticent about the operation, if not outright hesitant.

It’s clear the U.S. no longer feels pressured to try and disguise its true motive behind what can only be described as  an outright U.S.-led takeover of Ukraine.  U.S.-Ukraine joint military exercises.   Not even being described as “NATO” – Ukraine exercises.   Even CNN, which has recently converted into a promoter of neo-Conservative, war-mongering propaganda, is reporting this as a “U.S – Ukraine” excercise.

We know Putin has resoundingly dispelled every U.S. attempt to smear the lies of propaganda all over his face.  The downing of MH-17 is just one obvious example.  I’m still waiting patiently for the Netherlands to release analysis of the black box, which was supposed to occur in December…

While the U.S. contemplates sending attack weapons to Ukraine, one can only wonder what clever, devious trap Putin is setting for the U.S. Government over there…

U.S. Dollar Hegemony Further Eroded: Iran Joins The AIIB

Iran has been accepted as a founding member of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (article link).   China emphasized that the decision was made by existing members including Britain, France, India and Italy. I find it interesting that former staunch political/economic allies of the U.S. – especially Britain and India – supported the decision to include Iran as a founding member of the AIIB. The AIIB is quickly advancing as a significant ecnomic/geopolitical rival to the U.S.-controlled World Bank.

The United States had openly “discouraged” several of its western European/UK allies from joining the AIIB.  Even Japan, which is the United States’ most loyal lapdog country, is considering joining the AIIB.

The U.S. is becoming increasingly isolated both geopolitically and economically from the rest of the world.  Its overt attempts to overthrow the current Syrian Government was bluntly rejected by Russia – with the implicit “background” support of China.

And now several European allies, specifically Germany and France, have been reluctant to further support NATO U.S. efforts to militarize Ukraine with weapons which can be used to attack Russian.

For myself, and many others, the rapid emergence of the AIIB is symbolic of the historic power shift in the global balance of power – economic, political, military – from west to east.  The linchpin of this shift is the massive and ongoing transfer of physical gold from western Central Bank vaults to Asia, primarily China.

As this power shift advances, it further erodes any legitimacy of the reserve status of the U.S. dollar.  As the viability and acceptance of a global economic system based on the U.S. dollar erodes, so does U.S. political hegemony.

History tells us that when a global superpower loses economic and political hegemony, it seeks to maintain its grip on power through military force.  I would suggest that this is what we have been seeing with U.S. military campaigns in the Middle East and Ukraine.  I would also suggest that as the U.S. loses its global power, it will become more dangerous as a global nuclear weapons power…

U.S. Continues To Isolate Itself – Obama To New NATO Secretary General: “Drop Dead”

The snub could be the latest example of the White House’s strained ties with European allies over the proposed EU army, which could effectively weaken the continent’s reliance on the United States.   – News Link

Obama refuses to meet with the new NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg.   Naturally the U.S. mainstream media is covering up this story.  But apparently it’s part of a long tradition which has been adhered to by U.S. Presidents as a way to demonstrate commitment to its NATO treaty obligations.

As Sputnik (link at the top) reports:  “The Bush administration held a firm line that if the NATO secretary general came to town, he would be seen by the president…so as not to diminish his stature or authority,” Kurt Volker, former US representative to NATO, told Bloomberg.

The Obama administration, in what can only be described as boorish juvenilism, is evidently upset that it’s traditional European lapdogs are not jumping at the command to send troops to join U.S. troops in Ukraine so that Obama can refer to the military units in Ukraine as “ U.S. NATO” military forces.

This is the perfect way for Obama to live up to the Nobel Peace Prize he was given shortly after is first election to the White House.   But the fact of the matter is that the U.S. is increasingly isolating itself from the rest of the world.   Unfortunately, an isolated U.S. is a very dangerously nuclear-armed U.S.   This ain’t my country, folks…