“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” – Eric Arthur Blair, aka “George Orwell”

I knew this country was in serious shit soup when I began to see references in the mainstream media to the somewhat non-peaceful protest in Washington, D.C. on January 6th as “domestic terrorism” and “an attempted coup.”  Amusingly, yet alarmingly, Hillary Clinton referred to the people involved as “insurrectionists” and “terrorists.”

Unfortunately, but as prophesied by George Orwell and a few others way back in the 1940’s, the truth has been turned inside-out, as “lies have become truth, war is peace and ignorance is strength. ”  I was truly hoping this fait accompli would not engulf the United States in my lifetime. But now I’m horrifyingly watching it unfold before my eyes.  And once you have the misfortune of seeing reality,  it’s impossible to “unsee” it.  I truly wish I could bury my head in the sand like so many of those around me and make reality disappear.

Glenn Greenwald has written a must-read essay which describes the cloud of fascism and totalitarianism that is engulfing the U.S. political system and society at large. Ironically, those who self-identify as “liberal free-thinkers” are the basic fabric of the current authoritarian zeitgeist, which promotes intolerance over freedom of expression and civil liberties.

“Nothing is but that which is not” – Shakespeare.

Greenwald’s piece reads like an obituary for the United States:

“Neoliberalism and imperialism do not care about the pseudo-fights between the two parties or the cable TV bickering of the day. They do not like the far left or the far right. They do not like extremism of any kind. They do not support Communism and they do not support neo-Nazism or some fascist revolution. They care only about one thing: disempowering and crushing anyone who dissents from and threatens their hegemony. They care about stopping dissidents. All the weapons they build and institutions they assemble — the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA, oligarchical power — exist for that sole and exclusive purpose, to fortify their power by rewarding those who accede to their pieties and crushing those who do not.”

The entire essay is well-worth the time to read it contemplatively:  The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming