The global financial system is collapsing – not just Europe. If the Central Banks stepped away from both their observable and covert money printing, the system would collapse tomorrow. Brexit is not the catalyst and it’s not the cause. Brexit is nothing more than the cover story – the device used to deflect the public’s attention away from truth.

The truth is that the western Central Banks (let’s leave China aside for now) have created the biggest asset bubble in history. And the time has come for it to pop. It’s been a divisive, albeit brilliant, wealth confiscation mechanism.

Elijah Johnson invited me onto his Finance and Liberty podcast show to discuss Brexit, precious metals and the ongoing systemic collapse, which will be more catastrophic than the 2008 collapse financial crisis:

One of the immediate consequences of the BREXIT has been the “gating” of six UK property investment funds. Investors threw money at these funds and helped inflate a massive property bubble in the UK, similar to the one in the U.S and Australia. Real estate investments on this scale are a huge investment, so much so, in other bubbles, services such as the Strata Management Adelaide offers need to be used in order to manage the properties as it’s far too much for a group of investors to do. With an investment this size, you’re not talking about one or two properties being invested in, there will likely be a considerable amount of properties being invested in and investors will need all of the help they can get. However, although booming in the U.S and Australia, the fear of Brexit is making investors feel trapped because the funds are unable to sell illiquid, overvalued real estate in order to meet redemptions. This has many investors worried about their property investments, with some looking at a 1031 exchange real estate investment strategy and similar options to protect them. This is also evident within the housing market, as many people are looking into options to sell my house for cash and get out of the market because of this. The same exact process will occur in the U.S. My view is that investors in mutual funds will get what they deserve because blogs like mine have been warning about this for several years now.

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