If the Government or the Fed or Hillary Clinton decides they don’t like reality, they just make it up. The BLS fabricates employment numbers, Hillary Clinton fabricates the truth and the Fed invents everything.

Rory Hall’s The Daily Coin has been one of the few alternative media blogs covering the Silk Road and the ongoing changes occurring at the IMF with its SDR.  The IMF is looking at issuing a restructured SDR to include the yuan – it looks like it will be called the M-SDR but everything appears to be flux.  If you are interested in seeing what is being proposed, take a look at this IMF Staff Note prepared for the G20:   The Role Of The SDR

In this week’s latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we cover these issues plus detail some facts that show Friday’s job report released by the Obama Government was 100% Just Made Up

Trump as President would be appalling – Hillary as President would be a monumental tragedy.  – Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics