The behavior of the mining stocks since early August is the reason why I am emphatic in recommending to never go “all in” and to keep plenty of cash on hand to take advantage of market pullbacks.

The pm sector has had a massive up-cycle since mid-March.  Consider this:   since the market bottom in March, GDX is up 84% through this morning (12/10/20). GDX has outperformed all of the major stock indices including the Nasdaq, which is up 80.4% over the same period.  I am positive that fact would take most market participants by complete surprise.   After all, the precious metals sector is never discussed by mainstream financial media unless it’s in a negative context.

Chris Marcus (Arcadia Economics) and I talk about investment allocation in the precious metals sector and why you’ll be better off in the long run converting as much of your fiat currency-based investments into gold and silver:

Buying physical gold and silver – not GLD or SLV – should be your first priority in seeking shelter from the eventual fate of the dollar.  But mining stocks offer the potential wealth enhancement as well “optionality” upside to the prices of gold and silver. If you would like some ideas for investing in mining stocks, take a look at my  Mining Stock Journal.

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