The behavior of the mining stocks since early August is the reason why I am emphatic in recommending to never go “all in” and to keep plenty of cash on hand to take advantage of market pullbacks. The sector had a massive up-cycle since mid-March.

Consider this: since the market bottom in March, GDX is up 84% YTD.  GDX has outperformed all of the major stock indices including the Nasdaq, which is up 80.4% over the same period. I am positive that fact would take most market participants by complete surprise.  After all, the precious metals sector is never discussed by mainstream financial media unless it’s in a negative context.

Trevor Hall (Mining Stock Daily) and I engage in a recap of the precious metals sector this past year, including the precious metals sector performance in 2020 vs our expectations, how the Bitcoin mania maybe be affecting gold and silver and out most disappointing mining stock investments in 2020 as well as our best ideas. Click on the graphic below to hear our conversation:


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