Doc invited me on Silver Doctor’s Weekly Gold and Silver Market update this week. The Fed’s threat to raise rates in June were largely targeted at cooling off the big move in gold and silver, which were about to take off like a runaway freight train. We discuss:

  • Is the Correction Over? Bullion Buyers “Shellshocked” As Gold & Silver Prices Jump Higher
  • “There Was Never Any Intent to Raise Rates” – It Was All About Targeting Gold!
  • Unprecedented Development in Gold – RECORD Amount of Gold Standing for June COMEX Delivery
  • Friday Was A Shift in Sentiment: “I Think We’re Going to Go Alot Higher”
  • The Most Heavily Shorted Mining Stock in the World Jumps Over 15% – Hedgies & Algos Jump Back On the TrainDoc, Dubin, & PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Break Down Gold & Silver‘s Huge Moves Friday:


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