An investor in Dave’s fund emailed him asking which way Colorado would vote tomorrow.   He replied:   “Depends on who counts the votes.  I don’t believe this is a fair election.  I think the Clinton crime machine, with the help of George Soros and a few others, have everything under their control now.”

After taking the better part of a year to sift through 55,000 emails in analyzing Hillary Clinton’s behavior with regard to conducting classified Government business on her private server – which apparently was accessible to hackers and, surreptitiously, by Anthony Wieners porn laptop – Jim Comey determined in 8 days that 650,000 emails downloaded from Hillary’s private server were not relevant.

Sorry Jim, that’s impossible to believe.  One highly plausible is that operatives in the Deep State shut down the FBI investigation in order to preserve the treasure trove of material that will give it power over Clinton’s Presidency.  The SoT was perplexed by this, so we asked John Titus his take on this.   His answer was quite compelling:

Here’s what I’m reasonably sure of, based on experience.

(1) Jim Comey looked sick when, at the conclusion of round one, and having proven beyond all doubt that Hillary violateed 18 U.S.C 793(f), he said no reasonable prosecutor would charge her. He wasn’t acting. Bad acting comes right through camera lens, and that man looked like he was about to vomit when he left that dais;
(2) it took the FBI a year to conclude round one of its investigation, which was based on its review of 55,000 emails;
(3) Comey had promised to get back to congress should more info arise, and when 650,000 unexpected emails showed up, he made good on his word by letting congress know; and
(4) the FBI terminated its investigation LONG before reviewing 650,000 emails.   I once reviewed 250,000 documents on a case,

Based on the foregoing, SOMEONE got to Comey—somewhere along the line.

For all I know, though, the whole thing was scripted from start to finish, and Comey read his script at every point along the way, even when it physically disgusted him in round one. So while you might be right about the time, I think if the Deep State made a move on Comey, it happened awhile ago. That’s wholly speculative on my part. You could well be right that they got to him just recently. I just doubt it. I think he’s the Company Man because he’s a company man.

For DAMN SURE you’re right about holding Hillary hostage, but she’s so evil it’s like throwing a pedophile into a daycare center with no supervision, the shades drawn and the doors locked.

With that as the preface, today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth discussed the latest development in the HRC Crime Family saga: