The mainstream U.S. media has been propagating outright lies about the alleged geopolitical belligerence of Russia and China when, in fact, the United States Government has been the implementing the world’s most aggressive and deadly deployment of military hardware and militarily offensive overtures in the Middle East, eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Far East.

Those who bother to “keep up” with news by reading their local newspaper or, more likely, catching  a little Fox News or CNN online or on TV are inundated with news stories about the “antics” of Russia with regard to Russia’s territorial rights in Crimea or of China with regard to China’s territorial rights in the South China Sea.   But those narratives are nothing more than fictionalized propaganda.   The truth is that the U.S. – under the guise of “NATO” – has been surrounding Russia’s border with militarily offensive military equipment and personnel.  The U.S. has been directly and aggressively confrontational with China over China’s territorial claim to certain South China Sea islands.

The same false narrative has been applied to the situation in Syria.  The U.S. wants Syria’s President Assad removed and a U.S./Saudi puppet installed because it benefits U.S and Saudi elitist/royalty energy interests. Syria is also historically a key strategic location geographically.   But Russian, and now China, has drawn a line in the “sand” in Syria.  The entitled, “exceptional” U.S. oligarchy is unhappy with this and floods the mainstream media airwaves with a level of propaganda that might make Joseph Goebbels blush but would make Edward Bernays proud.

Finally, a report was out over the weekend that the entitled Hillary Clinton, who aspires to be the next Queen President of the U.S. puddle-jumped in her lear jet (I’m not sure how she managed to make enough money to afford a lear jet on a Senator’s salary) from Matha’s Vineyard to Nantucket, where the Rothschilds (Lynn Forester de Rothschild) hosted a $100,000 per head fundraiser.   It’s a shame that Hillary’s faithful supporters have no clue with regard to the meaning of a Rothschild-funded Oval Office.

In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss why the United States has become the most corrupt Government in modern history, if not all of history: