The Fed will be compelled to print a lot more money this year under the guise of “stimulating the economy.” That money will be funneled to into the financial system to fund massive amounts of Treasury issuance. Printed money not used to fund Treasury issuance will flow into “things” – primarily commodities and maybe stocks. The best way to take advantage of this is to buy physical gold and silver and mining stocks.

Bill Powers (Mining Stock Education) and I discuss my good and bad mining stock picks in 2020 and I discuss a couple of the stocks I think have the potential for huge gains in 2021:


Buying physical gold and silver – not GLD or SLV – should be your first priority in seeking shelter from the eventual fate of the dollar.  But mining stocks offer the potential wealth enhancement as well “optionality” upside to the prices of gold and silver. If you would like some ideas for investing in mining stocks, take a look at my  Mining Stock Journal.