It’s my predilection to believe that the Fed not only will not taper but will eventually be forced to increase the amount of money it is printing, I believe we’ll see the mining stocks outperform the general stock market by a wide margin over the next 12 months. Adding fuel to this will be the market’s realization that not only is inflation not “transitory” but that it’s getting a lot worse.

Patrick at SBTV (and invited me back on to his podcast to discuss the Fed, inflation, the financial system and gold (recorded September 2nd):


Some smaller cap/mid-cap producing mining stocks have been sold down levels from which I believe they will double or triple (or more) in the next bull move in the sector. One of the companies I cover and recommend in my Mining Stock Journal is throwing off close to 9% free cash flow yield. That is the definition of value stock.  Many of the junior exploration/development companies I cover, recommend and invest in have the potential to 5-10 baggers from their current down-trodden level. You can learn more about my newsletter here:  Mining Stock Journal information.  I do not take compensation of any type from mining companies and I have been doing my own research in the sector for over 20 years.