The GSR is currently at 82, after trading as high as 92 earlier this year and up to 97 in 2023. It traded down to 63 in early 2021, which put silver at $30. If gold were to hold at just $2400 while the GSR falls to 63, the conservative price objective for silver would be $38. But it’s silly to assume that silver would move 30% higher from its current price while gold stays constant. So $38 is a very conservative minimum level price objective.

If the current bull move in the precious metals sector resembles the move from late 2008 to mid-2011, the GSR could fall all the way to 31, where it bottomed in 2011. Let’s give gold a more realistic price target of $3000 in this scenario. If the GSR were to drop to 31 eventually, that would imply a price objective of $96 for silver.

Craig Hempke of the TF Metals Report fame invited me onto his podcast to discuss gold and silver, specifically silver, and what happens after silver breaks over $30. We also discuss some mining stocks that I like:

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