The horrifyingly tragic mass killing in Orlando was immediately branded as “domestic terrorism,”  well before any investigation of the shooter’s background or motive was conducted.  This is standard operating procedure in the U.S. anytime bullets fly in a public space. Shortly thereafter “ISIS” issues a statement taking claim for the event. But anytime more than one person gets shot in a public space ISIS seems to be on the phone line immediately with Fox News taking credit.

It’s quite formulaic.   Lost in the propaganda, of course, is the now-confirmed fact that the U.S. Government’s Deep State (CIA, NSA, Defense Department, Homeland Security Department) created ISIS in the first place.

Fox News and Fox Business have been featuring a banner all day that proclaims “Terror in Orlando.”  How come Charles Manson or Charles Whitman (U of Texas sniper) were never labeled “domestic terrorists?”

We’ll never know the truth about the Orlando shooter’s background and motives.  It will be drowned into obscurity with a flood of media-driven propaganda and fear porn.   The motive of the Government in this endeavor is to terrorize the citizens into begging for even more funding of the “war on terror.”  Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for the Government to confiscate even more of our rights in the name of “security.”

The Shadow of Truth’s Market Update segment explores this sad tragedy in an attempt to brush away the Orwellian smoke blown around it by the Government and the Government’s presstitutes plus some bonus coverage of the MSFT/LNKD tragedy:

If you ever wonder why people question the government and their motives all one needs to do is ask themselves the questions that are posed above. It becomes quiet clear that something is out of balance. Either someone is lying or these agencies need to be shut down today. Those are the only two answers to the questions we ask. If these agencies can not stop a single mass shooting incident, while gathering 100% of our digital footprint, what purpose do they serve? Who do they serve?  – Rory Hall, The Daily Coin