It comes as no surprise that a report on counterfeit gold coins hits the media right about the same time that several Fed officials are once again threatening the world with a gargantuan one-quarter of one percent nudge up in the Fed funds rate.   Both are targeted at throwing cold water on investor demand for gold and assisting the Fed with pushing the price of gold lower.   The entire U.S. propaganda apparatus has become Orwell on steroids.

Comex options expiration for June gold – the current “front-month” gold contract – is Wednesday. Typically this is a signal that the metals are going to be boomeranged lower temporarily.   In scanning the put/call open interest ladder, interestingly there’s a sizeable imbalance in which the there’s at least twice as many open puts are there are calls.  I can’t recall seeing that (although I’m sure it’s occurred), as typically it’s the other way around.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Rory Hall (The Daily Coin) and I discussed the alleged “flood of fake gold/silver coins” hitting the market and where the stock market may be headed in our current Shadow of Truth Market Update: