“Once the Treasury Secretary starts to pump the stock market, you know  there’s a problem” – James Anderson, Silver Doctors / SD Bullion

The Central Bank money printing and artificial suppression of interest rates over the last 10 years did a good job of deferring the financial and economic crisis that hit in 2008. But this “treatment” served only to cover up the problems. It did not directly address and fix the problems. In fact, the monetary and fiscal policies implemented globally stimulated a record level of debt and derivative issuance at a rate that far exceeded the nominal growth rate in GDP. The markets are telling us that the system has once again exceeded the limits in its ability to “support” the amount of liabilities accumulated over the last 10 years.

Silver Doctor’s James Anderson invited me onto his podcast to discuss the Fed, the stock market, the U.S. dollar, housing, Tesla/Elon Musk and, of course, gold. There’s a humorously edited video clip featuring Elon Musk at the end (it’s hilarious):


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