PPI came in much worse than expected – that was predictable. A bona fide measure of PPI would show that real PPI is considerably higher than the shit on stick the Government waves in our face. Also, predictably, Biden’s “Russia will attack Ukraine” fantasy smashed abruptly into reality. Welcome to 2022 – for as horrifying as 2020 and 2021 turned out to be, expected the unexpected and expect that 2022 will be even worse.

James Kunstler’s penmanship is one of the places I turn for a “barometer check” on my sanity. His commentary Monday is priceless in that regard:

If the ads on the Superbowl each year are like a Rorschach test for the nation’s mental condition, then this year’s ad-roll was a cavalcade of frantic hallucinations suggesting a near-complete detachment from reality for an audience of ADD-disabled cell phone slaves locked into a Big Tech induced consensus trance. You could barely tell what these advertisers were trying to sell in their commercials, the psychotic dazzle of half-second jump-cuts was so ferocious…

All this hearty good fellowship marks the journey of our country from a convocation of be-wigged founding fathers wielding quill pens in defense of liberty to a security-and-surveillance state of hebephrenic zombies lurching to a kind of failure that will make the fall of the Roman Empire look like a lawn sale of someone’s dead uncle’s chattels and effects. The drain-pipe beckons… but will America answer that call… or take a different turn?

If World War Three doesn’t pan out for “JB,” there’s always a global meltdown of financial markets, banks, and currencies waiting in the wings to amuse and distract everybody from the post-Covid call for a long, hard look at what the pandemic was actually about. The story, in all its multiple, gruesome levels, has gotten away from them. So many public officials are standing naked that Washington looks like a nudist colony.

Here’s the entire piece: Speed Wobble