“Management withheld metal [silver] from sale during the price correction over last two weeks of March and plans to sell the withheld metal inventory in anticipation of a precious metal prices rebound in Q2, 2021” – Endeavor Silver ($EXK) management, Q1 earnings report

It’s rare to find a stronger statement of conviction for the price potential of gold and silver than for a company to withhold production from the market in the anticipation of higher prices for the precious metals. I would argue that implicit in that view from EXK is the acknowledgement that the prices of gold and silver are actively manipulated.

But the inflation genie is out of the bottle now and India, China and Russia – along with several other eastern hemisphere countries (Hungary’s Central Bank just tripled its gold reserves) – are furiously importing gold bars.

Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hempke – TF Metals Report and Sprott Money – invited me back onto his TFMR Thursday podcast to discuss mining stocks and the precious metals sector and to have some fun:

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