The stock market (S&P 500) jumped 97 points the first three days of last week.  That’s an average of 32 points per day for those three days.  The economic news continues to show quickly deteriorating U.S./global economic conditions.  U.S. Treasury debt is now over $19 trillion.  There is a near-100% probability that the U.S. Treasury will hit the new $20 trillion debt ceiling limit before the March 2017 borrowing authority extension date arrives.

I have no doubt that the Fed will re-ante its money printing program – aka  “QE” – before Labor Day.

My latest issue of the Short Seller’s Journal features a highly overvalued construction industry stock plus a tech/media stock with big operating losses. Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe.


Hey Dave, loving your SSJ service. In fact it is just what I was looking for as the market rolls over. I expect to have my best year in the market ever, assuming the powers that be don’t step in to halt trading just when things are heating up, or some other such manipulation.

I think the journal provides just the right amount of depth, and your writing style makes me chuckle. Keep the great tips coming.   – Ken