Here’s a snippet:  “When I got off the phone with this Company’s CEO, my analytic instinct told me that this stock is a potential grand slam home run investment opportunity. While there are currently many highly undervalued junior mining stocks, I believe this Company is one of the best ideas I’ve looked at in 15 years of focusing on the precious metals sector. My assessment of the Company includes conversations with both the CEO and with a director of the Company.”

You can subscribe to the Mining Stock Journal by clicking on this LINK or by clicking on the graphic below.  For now, I am distributing the previous two issues (March 4th was the debut issue) published.  Each bi-monthly issue contains what I believe to be unique commentary and analysis on the gold/silver market plus a thoroughly researched mining stock idea – mostly juniors but I’ll present an occasional large cap idea, especially if I believe it presents a good short term trading opportunity.