The only aspect of the 2008 de facto financial system collapse that was more stunning than the fact that NONE of the big banks were prosecuted for crimes that were obvious to a 2nd grader was that fact that the Taxpayers were squeezed for close to a $1 trillion dollars to enable the big banks to continue on their unimpeded crime spree.

My good friend and colleague, John Titus, has produced a documentary which details the methodical manner in which Wall Street – and specifically Goldman Sachs  – has completely annexed the Department of Justice.

Titus applies his acute legal mind and painstakingly meticulous research to lay out the case for a legal system that has become hopelessly and irreparably  corrupted by  Wall Street and the scarcely-publicized DC law firm  DC law firm, Covington & Burling.

As you watch this brilliant documentary, see if you think Covington & Burling reminds you of the law firm in the Grisham novel, “The Firm,” and Goldman Sachs reminds you of the Chicago mobster clan depicted in the story.

The underlying theme in this documentary is the manner in which big money has assumed complete control of the United States political and justice system, as our Government progresses further down the road to oligarchic, totalitarian system – Rule by Money has replaced Rule of Law.