The short answer is, they don’t. Central Banks function as “legititmized” price control mechanisms. They control the price of money in order to help the elitists confiscate your wealth. That’s it. But price controls never last very long and neither do Central Banks. The U.S. is on its third CB in less than 300 years of existence and there’s been in a movement in place to get rid of the Fed for at least the last 8 years.

The Daily Coin featured a useful analysis – LINK – of the latest attempt by the western Central Banks to build a “currency sandbox” for everyone to play in because they know the U.S. dollar’s role as the reserve currency is coming to an end. The article goes into detail about how cryptocurrency is a threat to the banks as it is decentralized and has no links to the government. As more people choose to download a cryptocurrency alerts app, invest in crypto and just find out more information about it in general, the power of traditional banks diminishes. Cryptocurrencies are a massive market at the moment so a lot more people are hearing about it in investing in different parts of the market. You can see how mainstream it’s getting because now you can use your PayPal to buy bitcoin (visit to find out more) which wasn’t an option just a few years ago. The more the public learns about crypto, the more worried banks become. The Utility Settlement Coin” is an act of desperation to head off the move by eastern hemisphere emerging economic powers, led by China and Russia, to create a level playing field.

Almost every year the precious metals sector experiences a price correction late in the summer. And almost every year the anti-gold propaganda floods the internet and media. This year is no exception. But the current pullback in the sector has about run its course. This was a healthy pullback after the huge run up in the sector. The next leg higher should be even more exciting.

Finally, the U.S. economy is starting to collapse. Blow away the propaganda smoke being blown by the likes of Janet Yellen, Stanley Fisher and Hillary Clinton and a clear view of the real economic data will show a nasty downturn emerging in housing, autos, general manufacturing and discretionary consumption. In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss these issues and infuse some humor to make it easier to digest – enjoy the podcast and enjoy your long holiday weekend – it could get ugly in Q4: