The media campaign against gold continues. With Congress ordering magical fiscal bailouts from the Treasury, Trump conjuring up continued $600 weekly unemployment payments by executive order, and the Fed adding assets of every dubious stripe to its swollen $7 trillion balance sheet, gold prices predictably spiked to over $2,000 per ounce last week. Right on schedule, Fed bug journalists respond with a litany of “Gold is foolish, don’t buy it!” articles. In fact they sound like real estate agents in reverse: there is never a good time to buy. Gold goes up relative to the dollar; it’s overpriced and poised for a big fall. Gold falls below $1,100, as it did in 2015? See, we told you this worthless shiny metal was headed down! (article link below)

Gold is the kryptonite of the fiat currency, fractional banking monetary system.  It is sunshine to the vampires who control the money supply and conjure up fairytales which purport an ability to be able to control  the natural laws of economics through the use of modern monetary policy tools.

When gold starts moving higher in price enough to get noticed by the general population who otherwise have been told ad infinitum that gold is nothing more than a useless barbarous relic, the mainstream anti-gold media swarms into the action:  Gold Is A Foolish Place To Put Your Money

The Mises Institute posted a must-read commentary on the mainstream media and financial world’s irrational hatred of gold:  Why Fed Bugs Really, Really Hate Gold.