“April 2021 money supply and monetary base growth continued to explode” – John Williams, Shadowstats.com

Williams is referencing the “base” monetary aggregates which are compiled monthly. The Fed’s balance sheet grows by the week, hitting $7.922 trillion as of May 19th. It’s doubled plus another 13% since September 2019, when “QE” was restarted.

Gold is now making a serious run at the $1900 benchmark and silver is challenging $28. I expect both metals to undergo two-way volatility around those two key technical and psychological price levels for at least a few weeks. But I would not be surprised of both price levels have been left in the rear-view mirror by the July 4th holiday.

Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education invited me on to his podcast to discuss my outlook for gold, silver and the mining stocks, including some of my favorite stocks right now:


I also recently started a “mid/large cap corner” in which I present some shorter term trading ideas in larger producing miners when I believe the market has made a mistake in taking down the price of specific stocks. This would include call option ideas if applicable.

The mining stocks are once again historically cheap.  At some point this year I will be raising the subscription price, though existing subscribers will be grandfathered at the current monthly rate.   If you would like some ideas for investing in mining stocks, take a look at my  Mining Stock Journal.