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Your Vote Is Useless – Here’s Why

In this 101st episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss the Group of 30.   Ever hear of it?The Group of 30 is organization comprised of political and banking elitists who appear to help set the political and economic agenda for the U.S.,  Japan, Europe and England, with the goal toward One World, One Government.

All of the members hold or have held senior positions in Government, Banking/Finance and/or the largest multi-national corporations.  We can assure you that the Group of Thirty was instrumental in drafting the highly secretive and controversial TPP Treaty, which will elevate the largest western corporate entities above the legal jurisdication of any signatory Government.

We also dive into the fraudulent employment reports and the impending real estate bubble collapse.

NY Post: Government Employment Is Useless And Possibly Fraudulent

Friday’s employment report missed Wall Street’s forecast by 50%.  However, more than likely, not only was the reported number significantly lower than expected, as it turns out based on some behind the scenes investigating by the New York Post’s John Crudele, there’s a high probability that the number was complete fraud.

John Crudele, the only mainstream media business reporter who actually reports as much truth as his editors will permit, wrote a stunning (or maybe not so stunning) revelation about the data gathering methodology used by the Census Bureau in compiling the numbers for the BLS’ jobs report:   The Census Bureau had trouble compiling the nation’s jobless rate in March and, because of this, I’m told, questionable shortcuts were taken.  NY Post link

While those of us in the truthseeking blog world have been detailing the extreme inconsistencies in the monthly jobs report for a long time, Crudele has developed sources in the Government who are willing to reveal the truth to him:   A source tells me that one of the six regions had to fudge its numbers to make its results look just a little lousy.

My guess is that most of the “professionals” who base their analysis and investing decisions using the monthly jobs report have no idea that the BLS uses the Census Bureau for its data-gathering.  But as most of you may or may not know, the Census Bureau has already been caught and censured for data-gathering fraud in several regions across the country in connection with its population surveys.

As we know, where there’s smoke, there’s inevitably a fire.  Especially when the source of the “fire” is Government economic reports.  Hell, the BLS releases two separate jobs reports – the Household survey and the Establishment survey.  Those reports are impossible to reconcile.

The Household survey is used to calculate the highly fictitious unemployment rate.  It showed that there were only 34,000 more people working in March vs. February (vs. the headline Establishment survey which claims 126,000).   However, it gets worse.   Only the 55 and over age category showed jobs gains – supposedly 329,000 (Establishement survey) – which means that every other age category according to the Government’s own report experienced a jobs lost of 203,000.

Furthermore, the labor force participation rate hit a 37-year low at 62.7%.  That’s a level not seen since 1978, when most households were still one-income units.  The number of Americans not considered part of the labor force grew to a record 93.2 million.

Not only are these numbers completely shocking, it is likely that the real numbers are much worse.   As Crudele has detailed in his article, it is highly probable that even the shocking numbers are based fraud.


Today’s Employment Report Is The Biggest Lie They’ve Told To Date

There’s no BS like the brown stuff tossed at us by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Not only do they want us to believe that the economy produced 257,000 jobs in January, during a time in which the energy sector – the largest source of jobs growth since 2009 – was cutting 10’s of thousands of workers, they revised November’s supposed 353k job gain up to 423k.  It was the second biggest monthly jobs increase this century.    Anyone believe that?

It’s gets better:   the notoriously ridiculous birth-death model modeled in a 257k net loss in jobs.  How is it possible that economy generated any jobs growth if big companies are dumping workers (see IBM + big oil + oil shale + Radio Schack, etc) and the traditional engine of jobs growth – new business start-ups – were unloading jobs?   I’ll tell you how:  pure, unadulterated statistical lies.

Oh wait. The BLS one-upped itself on its lies.   It took the number of jobs supposedly “created” by the economy in 2014 up to 3.2 million from the original lie of 2.95 million.   Now, how is that all possible when we have THIS (source:  Zerohedge.com, edits are mine – click to enlarge):


Just a reminder, the only way that the labor force participation rate declines is when the number of people who leave the “labor force” exceed the number of people entering the “labor force.” It essentially means that there’s a huge “reservoir” of people out there who simply gave up looking for work and are permanently unemployed on the Taxpayer payroll – i.e. unemployment, Social Security Disability, welfare.

Please see this video for a detailed description of just how blatantly distorted the Government’s employment report really is:

I guess in order to make lemonade out of this cyanide-infused lemon the Government served up today, the best part about any Government economic report is watching grown men debate and agonize over the numbers, when the numbers are a complete fairy-tale. It’s like watching supposedly well-educated adults debating the merits of “Spongebob Squarepants” vs. “Sesame Street.”