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BREXIT Destroys The Gold/Silver Manipulation Cartel

Just a quick note on this referendum as we are in the final minutes of the voting. My sister’s friend is in the army.  They came over for dinner tonight and he was asking about the vote and what my thoughts were. I then returned the question and he had said that 90% of the lads in his camp, which are in the hundreds, were all voting to leave. Their reasoning, in a British army camp of lads aged between 18 and 35, was because they don’t believe they should be getting webbed up in wars that we shouldn’t be fighting. He said they pretty much all can agree on the fact that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and what they say goes and its not something they support.  These were his words and I have to agree.  – A British friend of the Shadow of Truth

The elitists had a lot to lose if the BREXIT referendum succeeded.   Just like AP declared Hillary the nominee did BEFORE the Calif primary, the WSJ sent out an online article yesterday afternoon saying the REMAIN vote had won.  But this last-gasp attempt to rig the vote failed.

The elitist narrative said that BREXIT would take down the British economy.  The details of this were never explained but NWO’er, George Soros, warned as much last weekend. This was just another scare tactic used to cover up the fact that a BREXIT would undermine considerably the western elitist holy grail of a one world, one Government system.

The Ruling Body of the EU is the European Council, often described as the supreme political authority.  Its members are not elected.  It’s the fortress of totalitarian political control the western elitists have been methodically imposing on Europe, the UK and the U.S for several decades.  If anything, the BREXIT victory represents a last gasp attempt to preserve democracy and Rule Of Law.

At the root of every political upheaval is indeed are hidden economic issues.  The BREXIT should undermine the effort of the western elitists to impose the TPP Treaty, which is designed to advance the confiscation of individual self-determination.  But more significantly is the issue of gold and silver:

The day that QE2 was announced by the Fed. That day, that morning, they were just beating the living daylights out of gold. People on the site were like “oh boy, this is going to be terrible”. I said NO, this is what the banks do. They try to reset the price as low as they can before the news because they know they are trapped. – Craig Hemke, Shadow of Truth

This is exactly what has transpired over the past week leading up to the BREXIT vote. Same game, different scenario. Craig went on to say “Ahead of what they knew was going to be gold bullish regardless of the outcome.” [BREXIT vote]

Since the end of 2014, there have been several notable indicators signalling a high degree of stress between the fraudulent paper bullion market used by the Central Banks to suppress the price of gold/silver and the available supply of physical metal to deliver into the paper claims.

One such indicator that is now stretched to an extreme is the Comex, where the amount of paper silver contracts issued represents over one billion ounces of silver.  This is more than seven times the total amount of physical silver reported to be sitting in Comex vaults.  It’s 45 times more than the amount of “registered” (available to be delivered) silver on the Comex.   It’s 25% more than the annual global production of silver.

Likely, the most significant collateral damage inflicted on the NWO’ers by BREXIT is that it will destroy the ability of the western Central Banks to manipulate the price of gold and silver.   The Shadow of Truth hosted Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com to discuss this overlooked significance of the BREXIT victory (Part 1 followed by Part 2):

Part 2:

BREXIT And The Escalation Toward War With Russia

Today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update series covers the use of the BREXIT referendum as a point of deflecting the public’s attention away from much more serious issues engulfing the U.S. and the world. It’s a distraction away from the collapsing global economy, the corrupt U.S. political system and the escalation of U.S. military belligerence toward Russia and China, both of whom are working to remove the U.S. as the global reserve currency in order to flatten the global economic and financial “playing field.”

BREXIT Denied: Mission Accomplished

In this installment of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update, we discuss the actions taken by the western elitists to rig the outcome of the BREXIT vote on Thursday (June 23), the response by the markets to the new expectation that BREXIT will be denied and the significance of anti-U.S. sentiment growing around the world.

Guest Post: MP Jo Cox Killed By “Useful Idiot?”

The term “useful idiot” in an intelligence craft context refers to a person inspired by way of various means to perform an action, and more often than not, the person is compromised by mental illness or sub-par intelligence – hence the term. Was MP Jo Cox murdered by a “useful idiot” as part of a covert action? It’s too early to say, definitively. But the timing of this attack is very fishy.

Read the rest here:  The News Doctors

SoT #87: Is China Part Of The New World Order Operation?

The short answer:  No.  A commonly discussed conspiracy theory is the military tensions between the U.S. and Russia/China is part of a Kabuki Theatre show being played where the “truth” is that all three nations are cooperating to implement an NWO plan.

On the surface, this idea is silly.  Upon further examination – including an in-depth discussion with the Shadow of Truth’s man in Beijing – Jeff Brown (China Rising website) – it can be concluded that the theory is outrageously absurd.

China, together with Russia, has in fact been patiently building out the foundations of commerce, finance, trade and geopolitical cooperation for several years.  This is despite the United States’ NATO’s best efforts to derail the “new world order” being fashioned in the eastern hemisphere.  It’s a systematic effort to dismantle U.S. military hegemony and remove the petro-dollar as the global reserve currency.

As the the BRIC/SCO consortium progresses toward this goal, the propaganda all out lies emanating from the U.S. plutocracy becomes more desperate and dangerous.  For instance, last week U.S. Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, responded to China’s efforts to protect its South China Sea territory from U.S. imperialistic aggression:

Any action by China to reclaim land in the Scarborough Shoal, an outcrop in the disputed sea, would have consequences, Carter said…”I hope that this development doesn’t occur, because it will result in actions being taken by the both United States and … by others in the region which would have the effect of not only increasing tensions but isolating China,” Carter told the Shangri-La Dialogue, a regional security forum in Singapore.

“The United States will remain the most powerful military and main underwriter of security in the region for decades to come – and there should be no doubt about that.” LINK

There’s no question which country is the aggressor here.  Ironically, it’s in fact the United States that is increasingly isolating itself from the global community.    China has one military base outside of China – in Djibouti.  Russia has military bases in nine countries, mostly countries which were part of the former USSR.  The U.S.?  More than 800 military bases in over 70 countries around the world.

The Shadow Truth spent some time with our man in Beijing to discuss the “5th Column” topic – in which western (U.S.) educated Chinese and Russian nationals operate in colusion with the U.S.’ Deep State in an attempt to overthrow the current political regimes in Russia and China.   Jeff helps explain this dynamic and why it’s failing, at least in China.

Is World War Three Fomenting In Syria?

My friend and colleague, Eric Dubin of The News Doctors, posted an article by William Engdahl which lays out a four-way conflict developing in Syria over the control of oil and oil transporatation assets. Certainly anyone with half a brain had to understand that United States’ interest in Syria had nothing to do with overthrowing Assad for the sake of democracy or with putting down ISIS.

We’re about to be plunged into a new oil war in the Middle East, this one with a possible nuclear dimension. Wars for control of oil have been instigated for more than a century since the dawn of the petroleum era around the time of the First World War. This war for control of oil, however, promises to be of a scale that will change world politics in a spectacular and highly destructive manner.

I’ve been reading Engdahl’s work since late 2001, which is when I was dragged into the “dark side” by a daytrading colleague. His analysis is a must-read because it sheds light on why the most powerful military countries in the world seem to be so interested in Syria. You can read the rest of the articl here: The News Doctors – William Engdahl.

SoT #47 Market Update: Collectivism, Uprising, Total Collapse

When you are running a Ponzi scheme as large as the paper gold and silver scam and the jig is almost up you will do anything and that is the short term predicament we find ourselves in. I smiled this morning when I read a piece on Zero Hedge reporting that ten tech start-ups with a collective market cap of 158 billion dollars have the grand total of $4 billion in revenue…When the balloon goes up on this mess (shortly, in my opinion) we are going to wish we were on another planet.  – comment to me from a well-known investment strategist

(Note:  the podcast below was completely unplanned and unscripted)

Over the past few years a lot of smart people have pointed out that “collectivism” is not for them. There argument is sound and reasonable. For the most part I would agree that individualism is the way to go. The way we retain some of our dignity and humanity is by expressing our individuality and making our individual presences known.

There is a flip side to all this that needs to be addressed. The criminal banking cabal, working in tandem with the federal government, (some would call it fascism and I would be one of them) work everyday as a collective. They plan how to steal from us, how to enslave us and, in some cases, how to kill us.

If we simply look at local cops and how they have morphed over the past decade we see a large group of people, highly visible in every small town and big city, that are now ruthless gangs that murder with impunity. Formerly respected members of a community that have now turned their back on their neighbors and have killed over 680 people across the U.S as of August 3, 2015. Is this acceptable behavior? Is this the act of individuals or a collective? If it is individuals why are the good cops not turning in the murderers?

This collective have their orders, sanctioned by another much larger collective who have equipped, trained and, most importantly, planned for all this to happen. If it wasn’t planned it sure seems like a lot of people are being murdered everyday in this country by the people that are suppose to represent the law.

Louis Farakan has had enough. He recently called for an uprising and requested that 10,000 men, who are willing to risk their lives, stand up and be counted. Mr. Farakan is calling for these men to take the fight to the murderers. Farakan has a plan, similarly to the criminals in blue and the criminals in Washington DC and on Wall Street, have a plan. Farakan is not calling for a race war, he is calling for an uprising against the murderers. Is this an appropriate response to what is happening in our world today?

Is that collectivism? You bet it is.

What about the people, across the country, who are working to secede from the U.S.? The State of Jefferson comes to mind and Maine as well. These are collectives of people making plans to make a difference. Their priority is to create a better world for themselves, their families and the people that have to come realize the U.S. is a rat infested, broke-down palace that is run by criminals. Is this an appropriate response to what is happening in our world today?

Are we, the individuals, destine to sit idly by while the criminals continue to make plans, execute their plans and continue steam-rolling over our communities, families and friends–collectively?

These questions can only be answered by the individual. It seems there are more and more people who are beginning to question what is happening in our world and my hope is they begin seeking real answers very quickly as it seems time is not on our side. The collective on the other side of my argument is working feverishly to execute their plans as quickly as possible. What will it take for the people on this side of the fence to begin to act as a collective to question these plans; to meet these evil plans, realistically, head on?

SoT Ep 44 – Rob Kirby: We’re Coming Into End Of Times

The gold smash going on right now reeks of desperation…the manipulation has become utterly in your face.  It tells me we’re getting close the end when you have the likes of John Hathaway and Ross Norman starting to talk the gospel of GATA. These guys over the years have literally sniveled at GATA and told us we were tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.  And now these guys are reading out of the GATA book and that’s a mind-blower and this tells me this is close to blowing up.  – Rob Kirby, Shadow of Truth

I was chatting this morning with a close friend in NYC who I know going back to my days as a junk bond trader at Bankers Trust.  He works as a consultant to investment/hedge funds now and is extremely perceptive in his insights about what is going on in the financial markets.

I asked him what he’s hearing from some of the big hedge fund managers he calls on every week:

Everybody hopes they a have chair when the music stops and it will stop when this thing cracks it will crack hard.  Carl Icahn going after Larry Fink the way he did is a very big deal and it reflects the amount stress in the system when the big fish turn each other.

What’s remarkable to me is that gold has held up as well as it has.  The insiders are throwing multi-billion manipulation trades [Comex, LBMA, OTC derivatives] and yet there’s still a big bid for physical gold under the market…The one thing I’m sure of is that the “market” price we see of everything is not a market-clearing price.

What most people are missing is that Obamacare is a financial trainwreck.  Not only that you have two trillion in underfunded State pension funds – and that number doesn’t include private pension underfunding  – what are you going to do, let those people eat grass clippings and die?

There will be a mad scramble in the west by the elitists to grab what physical gold is left before the Comex completely defaults. It is quite possible, if not highly probable, that this final looting of GLD is part of that process.  – Rob Kirby

The Shadow of Truth podcast with Rob Kirby is a natural extension and elaboration of the comments from my friend in NYC.   This a highly engaging discussion about several topics connected to the precious metals market and how the blatant and non-stop outright Central Bank/western Government intervention in gold and silver trading directly reflects the fact that the western financial, economic and political systems – including and especially the United States – is on the verge of collapse:

I’ve grown weary with people writing me and asking for my opinion on Martin Armstrong. I have laid out the historical facts intermittently over time between this blog and the predecessor The Golden Truth.  People who follow and put faith in Martin Armstrong have no knowledge of his background or any understanding of just how psychopathically corrupt this guy is.

The Second Coming Of Gold

I am re-printing a reader comment verbatim because it’s one of the clearest explanations I have ever read explaining why the western Central Banks and Governments are attacking the price of gold right now.  It’s also just really well-written!

I will point out that, although not obvious on the surface, the “flock” is losing faith in the dollar out of a desperation that has been imposed upon them by the elitists unwittingly. When the history books are written on this period of time, what is occurring now will be explained as an unintended consequence of pure evil seeded in hubris.  Hillary Clinton is the poster-child for this.  I will elaborate on why I say the “flock” is being forced into “fleeing” later.

Here is “Zen’s” explanation for the historically unprecedented intervention in the gold market:

The entire Western financial system could be likened to a church and the dollar a religion built on a firm foundation of faith. Nothing more. It survives and thrives so long as the community of faithful continue to believe in the almighty dollar story and the higher power that prints it.

There are some big holes in the almighty dollar story and many vocal naysayers claiming that the dollar is not real, the religion is a fraud, and the church is corrupt, but nothing yet has surfaced to cause the flock to doubt their faith, as a result the dollar remains sacrosanct and is still worshiped by the masses. Consequently the high priests continue to preach the gospel according to Keynes, attract more believers, and the almighty dollar remains inviolate.

However, if evidence where to surface that the religion is a fraud and the dollar not real– that it is, in fact, only paper and ink, therefore has no intrinsic value whatsoever, the high priests of finance and the pressmen at the print shop would go out of business literally overnight, the dollar would fall from its privileged perch, and the flock of parishioners would become become so disillusioned that they would quit the church. No doubt some people would seek out a new church and many would become atheists, however most would turn to gold for their salvation.

The high priests and priestess of finance are well aware this fact, therefore they see their #1 job to protect the sanctity of the almighty dollar story at all costs –for the entire dollar religion depends on it. Anything that threatens the dollar threatens the church, and hence is a threat to their power and privilege. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Gold represents the major threat to the dollar not because it is competition for the dollar but because it contradicts the entire dollar narrative, bringing into question not only the church leadership, but in truth, the entire dollar religion. Gold therefore is antithetical to the dollar and is the antithesis of everything it stands for. You could say, gold is the anti-dollar.

Gold’s 5000-year old history as money is totally incompatible with the tall tale the high priests of finance have been preaching to their flock, which is why gold must be suppressed, hidden from view, and condemned, and anyone who believes in it disparaged as a blasphemer and gold bug.

Simply put, gold rises when the dollar falls…and not until then. So long as the community of faithful remain captured by the dollar religion and continue to believe in the church leadership, gold will remain to them little more than a shiny relic from antiquity, and the price will reflect this sentiment. If however peoples faith in the dollar is shaken, then they will turn to gold for their salvation and the price will rise.

Until that day I refuse to attend church or place my faith in the paper dollar religion, instead I wait for the second coming of gold …


SoT #40 – Paul Craig Roberts: Greece / TPP – Omens The West Is Collapsing

Everything in this country is becoming Third World – nothing functions anymore.   –  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth, in reference to the completely rigged financial markets and failed democracy in the United States

Based on the reaction tonight by the stock market futures to the EU/Greek situation – the S&P 500 futures are down 25 pts/1.2% – I would hazard the opinion that the zombies on CNBC were slighly off-base when they asserted last week that a Greek default was already “priced into the market.”

This idiocy displayed on CNBC is emblematic of the extreme degree to which propaganda has infected our media.  But it also highlights the degree to which the American public has willingly turned a blind eye to the Orwellian fog that has completely enveloped our system.

A perfect example of a dysfunctional financial market is the Comex silver market.  The open interest in silver futures is currently nearly 1 billion ounces of silver.  Against this, the Comex vaults are reporting 57 million ounces of actual physical silver that is available to deliver into the silver futures open interest.   Never in the history of the known universe has any commodities futures market experienced a dislocation this extreme between the paper contracts which represent the underlying commodity and amount of physical commodity available to deliver into those contracts.

This is a failed market because the Comex silver market no longer operates as a price discovery mechanism.  Furthermore, the parties (CME directors, the SEC and the CFTC) responsible for Governing the Comex and for enforcing the securities laws already in place that are designed to prevent markets from becoming corrupted like this have conspired to prevent the Comex from functioning as a bona fide price discovery mechanism.  Instead, the Comex has deteriorated into a cesspool of corruption and wealth confiscation.

The TPP Agreement – in our view – is the greatest failure in the history of this country of elected representatives protecting the Constitution and representing the interests of the people who put them in office.

What the TPP does is give transnational corporations immunity to the sovereign laws of any country in which they operate. Any time the corporation can argue that the sovereign law of a country is a retraint on trade. – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

I would argue that the TPP Agreement is the ultimate act of treason by the President and by Congress.  The TPP Agreement has displaced all Rule of Law with Rule of Transnational Corporations.  Incredibly, 99.5% of the people in this country are either unaware of what the TPP Agreement represents or are just outright unaware of it altogether.

Perhaps the default by Greece and the subsequent GREXIT will incite a political and economic upheaval not just in Europe but in North America as well.  If Greece leaves the EU, it will likely trigger the eventual unraveling of the entire EU.

The agenda of the creditors of Greece is to establish the principle that they can over-lend to a country and then force that country to privatize the public sector in order to raise money in order to pay the creditors and they can force that  country to cut back on social services to the citizens… in order to pay back the banks. So it’s an assertion that the creditors are above the sovereignty of the country.

The other agenda that’s operating is that the EU and the ECB are using the Greek crisis to establish the precedent that the budget and fiscal policy of EU members becomes the property of the EU – that this is something that is no longer done at the member-State level, it’s set in Brussels.   –  Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

If we are lucky, a GREXIT will “blow up” the attempt by the western elitists to implement a plan of centralized Governmental control of everything – the so-called New World Order movement.  On the other hand, the risk is very real that the neocons who have seized control of the U.S. Government, especially the Pentagon, will resort to launching nuclear weapons in a desperate attempt to hold on to the United States’ global hegemony that is quickly slipping away.