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Does Anyone REALLY Believe The IRS “Lost” The Lois Lerner Emails?

The U.S. Government is organized and operates like the Sicilian Mafia.
– A source who wishes to remain anonymous

The IRS announced that it has lost two years of emails connected to Lois Lerner, who is being investigated for essentially what was Obama-organized racketeering.  Anyone not familiar with the details should either use google to get up to speed or go back to watching “reality” tv.


Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that it is impossible for those emails to have been “lost.”  Immediate access to them was clearly extinguished from IRS computers.  But the emails exist somewhere, and not just in the NSA computers.

A Congressman has requested that the NSA help produce the “missing” emails.  For some reason, Zerohedge finds this request to be ridiculous.  To me it was an obvious move.

Somehow I suspect that we’ll never see those emails.   Just like we never got to see all of the SEC records which connected JP Morgan to several massively corrupt scandals, like Global Crossing and Enron.  Those records went down with World Trade Center 7 – the building that inexplicably collapsed in its own footprint, on its own…

The corruption and racketeering by the Government – all the way up to the Oval Office – proliferates faster than pancreatic cancer.   It is the unmistakable mark of a collapsing system.  Expect the corruption to get worse and more blatant, as totalitarianism engulfs our country.



Both Parties Should Be Worried About Cantor’s Defeat

Obama’s popularity hits a new low – 64% say the country is on the wrong track:   link

It wasn’t just a defeat suffered by Eric Cantor, it was near-landslide loss. CNN is promoting it as being disruptive to the Republican Party.  Fox News is pimping it as a big victory for the Tea Party.  But the truth is, Cantor’s crushing loss was a definitive message sent to the electoral Establishment.

Seriously, can anyone really tell me if there’s any difference between the two Parties? Is there any difference between Bush and Obama?  Bush gave us the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts – both reflective of Totalitarian creep.  Obama gave us Obamacare and ratified Bush’s Detainee Bill, both are reflective of even more Totalitarian creep.

In my view, the message sent by the electorate in the Cantor crushing was that Americans are sick of big Government, both Republican and Democrat style.  I suggested a year ago that we could well see voters hand all of Congress over to the Republicans in 2014 as a means of trying to put Obama’s Totalitarian agenda in check, similar to what happened in 2006 when voters gave Congress to the Democrats to try and offset Bush’s agenda.  N

Note:  if the voters give Congress to the Republicans, it’s not an endorsement of Republican politics – which are not much different than Obama politics (Obama is an even bigger war-monger than Bush was) – it’s about trying to create legislative gridlock in order to stop ALL legislation from being enacted.   Obama’s popularity numbers are doing what Bush’s did in his last 18 months:  plummeting.

But, just like 2006, once the new faces are firmly in their seats, K Street will go to work with Wall Street and Corporate PAC money and buy the new bodies, just like they bought the new bodies elected in 2006.

Nothing will change and this country will continue its inevitable march toward Banana Republic status.

First Quarter GDP Was Negative: Economy Headed For Deep Recession

It may not seem like it if you have a well-paying job which covers most of your Obamacare costs and that enables  you make  your mortgage payment, pay the leases on your cars and enjoy discretionary spending, but for the 76% of the country that lives paycheck to paycheck the economy never really recovered from the Great Financial Collapse and is getting worse by the day.  See this article, for example:  CNNMoney.

I predicted late last year that the first quarter GDP might register an economic contraction. You would know it from watching just the stock market, but the first revised estimate of Q1 GDP showed a 1% decline occurred.

I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha explaining how the trend in retail sales and home sales – two key variables to the economy – are showing the strong possibility of an even bigger contraction in Q2.  You can read the full article here:   Negative Q1 GDP, Q2 Worse?

By the way, the bond market – which usually “sniffs” out trouble before the stock market sees it – is telling us that my analysis is likely on the right track.   By the  way, Obama’s war-mongering in the eastern hemisphere plus Obamacare spending saved the economy from going even more negative in Q1 (in case you wondering why Obama seems anxious to start wars with everyone)…


One more point, before you fall for the highly-spun propaganda that the Obama Government has narrowed the spending deficit, you should know that funded Treasury debt – i.e. the amount of new Treasury debt issued and the money spent – was $250 billion in Q1 – or $1 trillion annualized.  Debt is only issued to cover deficit spending…

Something Ominous Is Coming – Hold On Tight

One of the rules by which the elite aristocrats abide is they consider it rude to not warn us before they do something bad to us.  They’re like criminals with manners.  In other words, it’s gauche to flush the toilet while the serfs are in the shower without a heads up. – Anonymous

I honestly don’t know how long they can keep up this fraud using fraudulent Comex paper. It’s gone on much longer that I ever thought conceivable. I think we all underestimated the degree of corruption in DC and NYC, which means we’re all underestimating the consequences.


We find out yesterday in a Washing Times article that Obama authorized the use of military force against U.S. civilians in 2010: LINK. As it turns out, the option of using the military in the Cliven Bundy situation was considered. Is that the type of policy all you Obama supporters voted for?

Gold and silver get smashed in Comex trading every day this week, despite an avalanche of fundamental news that should have triggered a big move higher in the price of gold/silver. A friend and colleague of mine called me this morning and said “they smashed gold and silver everyday this week – there has to something really bad coming at us.”

For those who recall, after a big move higher in early 2008, the price of silver was smashed in March from $20 starting on March 6, 2008. Bear Stearns stock was trading well over $60/share at that point. Silver bounces back to $20 and then gets annihilated on March 17, right after JP Morgan agreed to buy Bear for $2/share.

Meanwhile, in the background, Lehman Brothers was quietly on a path to collapse, as were AIG and Goldman Sachs. After the Bear debacle settled, silver trended back up to $19. But at the end of July that year, silver began a steep sell-off from $17. Unbeknownst to most observers, Lehman Brothers was about to collapse. At the same time that Lehman collapsed, AIG was collapsing – as was Goldman Sachs from its derivative ties to AIG. By mid-September the U.S. financial had de facto collasped and we know how the story unfolded from there. AIG and Goldman were saved because the former CEO of Goldman Sachs happened to be the Treasury Secretary at the time and his butt-boy, Tim Geithner, was head of the NY Fed.

My point here is that there’s a reason that the Fed, using its agent banks on the Comex, is working overtime to try and push gold and silver a lot lower using fraudulent Comex contracts while China – and now Russia – accumulate physical gold hand-over-fist. Blinded by extreme corruption and hubris, the Fed and the Government are trying to destroy the messenger.

The message likely should be telling us that something devastating is unfolding behind the scenes. Likely something far uglier than what unfolded in 2008.

I know for sure now that the housing market is starting collapse again and household formation is at 30-year lows – the friend who called me told me four homes for sale in his neighborhood reduced their asking price this morning. Retail sales are plunging despite the onset of favorable shopping weather and the rigged GDP number went negative in Q1. If we could see the truth, I wonder had bad things really are…