“Back in the day, you remember when we started in the industry, the talk of gold manipulation was really…like, you couldn’t talk about it. It was like an underground thing. You were seen as a conspiracy person if you did speak about it, and now it’s really like it’s almost out in the open. Yes, banks were spoofing the prices.” – Daniela Cambone’s interview with Mark Yaxley of Strategic Wealth Preservation

Hmmmm…”couldn’t talk about [the gold market manipulation].”  Funny thing about that – GATA , along with many of us, – have been talking about the gold market manipulation until we’re blue in the face for over twenty years. Yes, Daniela, could have talked about it like a proper journalist, helping in the cause of providing awareness, facts and truth to her slavish audience. But Daniela defied her charge as a journalist and chose to look the other way. And worse, she enabled some of her highest profile interviewees to blatantly lie about a reality of which she was clearly aware. This is dishonest journalism. No, wait – it’s not even journalism. It’s fairy-tale media.

“Disinformation for many years has kept the lid on this tinderbox and since 2018 the Financial Stability Desks at the world’s central banks have followed the Bank of International Settlements’ instruction to hide the perception of inflation by rigging the gold market.” – Peter Hambro, founder of Petropavlovsk plc gold mining, (formerly Peter Hambro Mining)

Daniela has paraded several “experts” over the years who have denied that the gold market was manipulated. And based on her comment above she knew that the “experts” either were lying or had motivated interests in the adamancy of their assertions. Yet, she chose to look the other way, cowering from her masters at Kitco.

I’m echoing the sentiment (though chose to remove the velvet hammer-cover) of GATA’s Chris Powell, whose dispatch alerted me to Cambone’s follies: GATA/Cambone.  But in addition to Chris’ suggestions for Daniela, how about, now that she’s at Stansberry and apparently has shed her Kitco muzzle, she invite the likes of Rick Rule, Doug Casey and Pierre Lassonde and grill them on the blatant gold market interventions by Central Banks and bullion banks, holding their feet to the fire with irrefutable facts that Chris Powell will be happy to assist her in sourcing.  Start with the BIS’ slide show from a  June 2008 seminar and ask them to explain this: