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To Hillary Clinton, Voters Are Necessary Evils

Hillary Clinton with respect to her Syrian “no-fly” zone policy:  “So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we’re not putting our pilots at risk—you’re going to kill a lot of Syrians,” she said. “So all of a sudden this intervention that people talk about so glibly becomes an American and NATO involvement where you take a lot of civilians.” – Goldman Sachs speech via the Podesta emails

Contrary to her many lies and half-truths issued during the debate, people, including Americans, are quite expendable to Hillary Clinton.  But more on that in a moment.

A colleague of mine passed on a blog post by Brandon Smith which posits a theory that  somehow Trump will be “allowed” to win and then the elitists will let the system c crash. They don’t want one of “theirs”  in the line of fire when it becomes impossible to keep the system from collapsing. This is not an uncommon school of thought in the alternative media audience and Hillary Clinton is firmly ensconced in the political neoconservative fascism of the elitist Establishment that controls DC for the most part.  Brandon Smith generally provides good insight and compelling analysis of current events.

But if Smith’s specific prophecies ever came to fruition, I’d give his arguments serious consideration. Like the rest of us, only his general economic and political trend prophecies play out.  Predicting Brexit passage is not unique to him.  I always thought it would pass, as did many others.  His use of “global elitists” is incorrect.  It should be “western elitists.” They DO NOT have any control over Russia/China and that’s why the next big thing will be a war by proxy in Syria that likely will lead to some form of an escalated conflict – possibly in the S China Sea and Ukraine. Hopefully it won’t lead to the nuclear option, although it’s pretty obvious that both Russia and the U.S. are preparing for that possibility.

If Trump gets elected, it’s because there were too many people who showed up to vote for him and against HRC – not because Smith’s “global” elitists “let him win.” They can rig the vote count if it’s close. But not if Trump were to garner enough votes to win by more than a few % points. Exit polling is a form of check and balance that prevents complete confiscation of the voting process.

Smith erroneously ignores the “random probabilities” variable – maybe because he never studied advanced statistics in the context of economic models. “Randomness” – it’s a law of nature.  No one can control that. Just ask the Nobel “rocket” scientists who told us Long Term Capital was perfectly hedged against any and all market occurrences.  I think the western elitists have more control than most people understand or are willing to believe – especially the ilk that supports HRC – but not nearly the control that Smith attributes.

I finally watched the entire debate. I think it was closer than Trump supporters  want to believe. The stench of the propaganda drooling from between HRC’s smiling face-sewer was sickening, especially given that her supporters truly believe that HRC is being genuine. She doesn’t care about the middle class or women or minorities any more than any other DC politician. Constituents are a “necessary evils” to these people – warm bodies with a vote. Certainly that’s what HRC believes, which was made evident by the quotes pulled from the speeches she gave to Wall Street banks – for which she was paid $600 thousand per appearance.

“I’m Kind Of Far Removed” From The Struggles Of The Middle Class “Because The Life I’ve Lived And The Economic, You Know, Fortunes That My Husband And I Now Enjoy.” – Hillary Clinton to a Goldman Sachs audience of HRC Foundation and Campaign donors via the material thankfully leaked by Wikileaks

Perhaps the Donald’s best attack on her was  when he asked how come she won’t use any portion of her $100s of millions in wealth to fund her campaign.  All of her campaign money comes from wealthy donors who will receive big favors – mostly sizeable Government contracts awarded to their businesses, or the maintenance of the carried interest tax loophole (George Soros will make certain that remains intact) or access to our markets and defense weaponry (Saudi Arabia, which is a huge contributor to the Clinton “Foundation”).

By the way, how on earth did Bill and Hillary Clinton manage to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth? 

Make no mistake, I am not supporting Trump. In fact, I have not voted since 1992.  Voting is irrelevant. Just ask Obama supporters who now get it (most of them still are oblivious or will not make disparaging remarks about Obama out of fear of being a labelled a “racist”).



Trump vs. Clinton: The Eccentric Billionaire vs The Sociopathic Criminal

Below is a guest post from my colleague, who requested anonymity.  12 years ago, a friend of mine and I both agreed that – and this was after Enron, 9/11 and Colin Powell’s self-admitted lies about Iraq which were used to justify a military overthrow of the Hussein Government – that we would eventually see things occur in this country that would blow our minds (as if those three events were relatively “non-events). I can say with complete sincerity that two things completely blow my mind now: 1) the degree to which corruption and criminality have completely enveloped our economic, financial and Governmental system and 2) the fact that a criminal – with plenty of hacked emails on display to prove certain acts of criminality – is permitted to run for President.


I am a casual observer having learned that when all you are left with is hope, it’s that moment you realize it’s over – whether it’s a game, investing, politics, etc. Unfortunately I reached that point many years ago with the state of politics and mainstream media’s (MSM) blatant biases towards…..well everything they touch. Last night’s Presidential Debate (sic) clearly reinforces my position that all we are left with is hope. Hope that things cannot get worse, hope that eventually things get better, hope that this is not simply a horrific Orwellian Nightmare, although the latter appears to be where we’ve arrived full frontal. I didn’t watch the debate looking for my opinion of the “candidates” to change as I have zero plans to vote in this election. Yes, we’ve devolved to that point in history. I watched the debate for the same reason most people would watch a NASCAR race:  waiting to see a wreck.

In attempting to summarize the spectacle from last evening, the first thought I had is “if aliens were watching from their spaceship what would they be thinking?”. My best guess is they would all look at each other and say “hmm… we have absolutely nothing to worry about but all of those poor people stuck there certainly do!”. In my no-skin-in-the-game opinion, Trump finally stepped up and won the debate. He appeared much more focused, succinct and was on the offensive – not taking the bait from Hillary that was offered time and again. HRC typically avoids answering a questions to which she has no answer.  And the moderators never hold her accountable to those questions she avoids answering.  She is never implored stay on topic unlike Trump, who frequently was subjected to overtures of debate from the moderators.

From the outside looking in, we have past the point of no return. Regardless of the endless “hope” I hear that we must go back to the way things were, the stark reality is you never go back, nope, doesn’t happen. It becomes something else. Last night’s debate is further confirmation of this. Yes, in my sophomoric opinion Trump was the clear victor. The last question of the night was the softball he should have hit out of the park but instead took the high road. The question was “can each of the candidates say one positive thing about the other candidate?”, HRC boorishly side-stepped the challenge by complementing Trump’s children.  It was a pathetic cop-out. Trump’s one positive comment about HRC was that she’s a fighter and will fight to the end. What he should have said was “so far, you have proved to be the consummate criminal because you are really good at evading the law!”

There is absolutely no hope for this nation if the people vote for that lying hag, and I am not going to be a serf of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

We all have our lines in the sand; I am not going to be a subject of that witch, her deranged husband, her puke-inducing Goldman Sachs son in law or her weak, creepy, mousey daughter, who they want to be yet another Clinton overlord of the people despite her total lack of any kind of achievement or qualification, other than being seduced by a corrupt, lying, thieving (look at his “hedge fund”) Goldman pig. His body language around The Rapist (Bill) makes me want to vomit.

Her rants tonight about the Russians and Chinese demonstrated that she is completely paranoid. She should stop running for office so she can get the emergency psychiatric treatment she requires.

PCR [Paul Craig Roberts] is 100% correct; that puppet hag and her neocon puppetmasters will, without question, provoke nuclear war. But they will all be fully protected in their multi-billion dollar bunkers, while the rest of us get incinerated.  – Stewart Dougherty

The Debate Verdict: The American Public Loses

Lester Holt was an absolute embarrassment to the debate moderation profession.  At times it seemed as if Trump was debating Holt and Hilary.  I have to believe even Donna Brazile was blushing on Lester’s behalf.  – Investment Research Dynamics

The only winners in last night’s debate were Trump and Clinton. Win or lose, Trump is getting free advertising for his business organization. He may not be spending much on his campaign, but he’s getting $10’s of millions worth of free corporate promotion.

Hillary win or lose is getting a “Get Out of Free Jail” pass for the numerous felonies she’s committed, some of which are punishable by death. If she loses, Obama will undoubtedly hand her a blanket pardon. How do we know? Because Hillary’s capos have already received pardons.

The losers last night were American public. Notwithstanding the fact that 99% of the viewers skipped Monday Night Football and were watching to see whether or not Hillary would pass out again, neither candidate offered any definable ideas for preventing what is now the inevitable collapse of the United States.

Instead, the debate for the most part circled around whether or not Trump pays taxes or supported the original Iraq war. Trump never did press the issue of the Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails after referencing them in response to her boorish request for his tax returns – I think we all would like see what’s in those emails:

Perhaps the biggest disgrace and most serious assault on the viewer intelligence is when Hillary Clinton regurgitates the fraudulent Government economic statistics as evidence that the Democratic political agenda has made the country better over the last 8 years. If she truly believes that the unemployment rate is 4.9% then she’s the only person amongst everyone watching who buys into that insidious lie. More likely whe’s using that fraudulent statistic for the purposes of political expedience. “Let them eat cake, for godsakes.”

The easiest pitchfork for Trump to throw at Hillary on the jobs/economic front is to point out that it was Bill Clinton’s “strong dollar policy” that triggered the massive exodus of U.S.  manufacturing to China.  No one can debate that point.  NOT coincidentally, the policy was pushed hard by Walmart – one Bill’s “Padrinos.”

The easiest step toward job repatriation and a balanced trade deficit would be to eliminate the Fed and let the U.S. dollar drop a lot lower vs every other fiat currency. That’s a no-brainer.  Abolishing the Fed should be Trump’s number one platform because that act in and of itself will begin to fix a lot of problems.

The debate failed on all fronts. What was promoted to be politic’s version of an Ultimate Fighting duel turned out to be the Kindergarten version of “No, YOU have cooties.” Neither candidate is fit for the Presidency.

The three conclusions that can be drawn are:  1)  your vote does not matter;  2)  the time spent watching the debate is regrettably 100 mins of my life that I’ll never get back; and 3) The United State as we know it is doomed.